Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Accommodation in Slovakia

Stay in Slovakia in an hotel, guest-house, chalet or caravan parks/ camper van sites. There is a tremendously wide choice of accommodation and remember that nearly all guest-houses are family-run. Most of our places of interest have accommodation close to hand, whether it be mountains, lakes, towns or spas. The choice is yours, since our Slovakian hotels and guest-houses offer a wide range of services - for example - inhouse catering If you want to go self-catering, book a chalet  equipped with a kitchen and come and go as you please.

Hotels in Slovakia

Every town and city in Slovakia will provide you with a hotel, and the larger the place, the greater the choice you can expect. Expect to start with three-star accomodation or move up to top-class hotels in Bratislava for the finest service. Bedrooms are simple but provide adequate storage space and are invariably ensuite plus shower and provision of items for your personal hygiene. All Slovak hotels offer a combination of tariffs with board and lodging to suit all tastes.

Few hotels offering high-luxury accommodation have been built in Slovakia in recent years. Hotels fall into various categories of comfort and facility, according to exactly what the tourist is seeking. Those hotels that have been built in mountain areas of Slovakia usually offer a wider range of facilities then in city centres. The guest can be tempted by swimming-pools, saunas, gymnasia, cafes, childrens play areas, tennis courts and even horse-riding. Free car-parking comes as standard and hairdressing and massage services should not be ruled out, either. Many Slovakian hotels cater for children in the provision of cots and playgrounds. Clubs are run and organised events keep the little ones occupied so that their parents can have a break from direct supervision. Hotels built in spa-towns offer curative programmes in connection with the waters found there in the form of thermal baths and saunas.

Guest houses in Slovakia

Guest houses as a kind of lodging are characteristic by offering fewer rooms than hotels. Many times they are part of family business. You can find guest houses in smaller Slovakia cities or larger villages. Most of them are situated in mountain recreation centres and nearby water reservoirs, large swimming pools or aqua parks.

Gues houses usually offer not only lodging but also catering services provided by their restaurants. Slovakia guest houses are of various categories. Some of them are above standard and offer the same wide range of services as hotels. As many of them have been built in recent past years, they are nice and equipped by modern furniture. The only difference between hotel and guest house consists many times in the room capacity. Standard guest houses in Slovakia offer a comfortable accommodation and do not offer additional catering or any other services.

You should choose a guest house or a hotel according to services you wish to use. Everything depends on whether you want to enjoy especialy the accommodation or you expect to utilize some other holiday services. Many guest houses in Slovakia do not have their own restaurants; however you can find restaurants in their surrounding very easily, as they are usually situated in recreation centres.

Chalets in Slovakia

Chalets can be found in many places thorough Slovakia. Lodging in the chalet is characteristic by familiar atmosphere as you can reserve it just for your family or friends. Chalets usually offer facilities like normal family houses:  bedrooms, living room with TV, kitchen and bathroom. If you decide for this kind of lodging, you will certainly enjoy privacy but you have to take care of your dishes. The chalets are of different standard, some are simple, others are above standard offering for example sauna of swimming pool.

Various size chalets are available in Slovakia; often one chalet accommodates more than one family. Chalets you will easily find in all recreation sites of Slovakia as well as in little and maybe unknown centres and villages.

Slovakia Car Camps

There are many places thorough Slovakia where you can car camp. Usually there is a site assigned for car camping in every recreation centre or nearby every water reservoir. You can utilize you camper or tent. Car camps in Slovakia are equipped with facilities as common bathrooms, shops and restaurants. Car camps offer you the space and you have to take care of your accommodation and food yourself.

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