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Slovakia Airport Transfer

Vienna Airport – Schwechat

Bus Transfer between Slovakia and Vienna Airport

Bus Transfer from the Vienna Airport to Slovakia:

There is a bus transfer between Vienna airport and Sloakia to Bratislava, Vienna city, Budapest, Brno and Košice. There is a bus connection from the Vienna airport (Flughafen Wien) to Bratislava main bus station - Mlynske Nivy starting at 8.00 am approximately every hours, the last departure is at 10.30 pm.

Bus Transfer from Slovakia to the Vienna Airport:

There is a bus connection from Slovakia Capital - Bratislava bus station Mlynske Nivy from 5.15 am until 8.00 pm, the departures are approximately every hour.

Taxi and private transfer

Taxi a and private transfer to the Vienna airport

Taxi companies and transport companies in Slovakia provide airport transfer to Vienna airport in 5-seater cars, 9-seater or minibuses if necessary. Taxi transport from Bratislava to Vienna airport costs from 1300 SKK (43,15 EUR) to 1900 SKK (63 EUR). Transfer for 8 people is about 1,800 SKK (59,74 EUR), 4 people 1,600 SKK (53,11 EUR).

Taxi and private transfer from the Vienna airport

You can use Austrian taxi services or Slovak Taxi services available at the Vienna airport, north from the arrival hall. You can also book Slovakia taxi affront. The cars are available at the taxi terminal just in front of the arrival hall. For more than 4 people, please book a bigger car affront.

Rent a Car Services

Most Bratislava rent a car companies offer Vienna airport car delivery for around 1,200 SKK (39,83 EUR).

Bratislava Airport of M.R.Štefánik – Vajnory

Slovakia airport transfer is operated by buses. You can take a taxi or rent a car.

Bus Transfer from Bratislava Airport

Bratislava Main Railway Station

There is a direct bus connection from the Bratislava main railway station to Bratislava airport in Slovakia operated by bus No. 61. The route is from Bratislava main railway station via Trnavské mýto,  Račianske mýto, Bajkalská street, Trnavská street, Avion - Ikea to Bratislava airport. First bus takes off at 4.45 am, last bus departure is at 11.05 pm. Departures from Bratislava airport are approximately every 3 to 6 times per hour. There is a bus services from Bratislava airport to Bratislava main railway station from 4.45 am till 11.25 pm.

Bratislava Main Bus Station

There is a direct bus connection between Bratislava main bus station and Bratislava airport in Slovakia provided by Slovak Lines. First bus leaves Bratislava bus station at 9.05 am, last bus leaves at 11.40 pm. Buses leave approximately every hour. First bus leaves Bratislava airport at 6.25 am, last bus is at 6.25 pm. Alternatively, you can use Bratislava pubic transport. Take a bus No. 61 at the airport and switch to trolleybus No. 206 or bus No. 61 at the Winter Stadium Ondreja Nepelu (Zimný štadión Ondreja Nepelu).

Taxi and private transfer

Taxi transfer from the Bratislava city center to Bratislava airport in Slovakia is about 200 – 500 SKK (6,63 – 16,59 EUR) and the journey takes about 20 minutes. The taxi fee may vary based on the taxi company you use. Minibus for 8 people is about 800 SKK (26,55 EUR). Taxis are available just in front of the Bratislava airport arrival hall. Please book Slovakia airport transfer in advance to avoid for the best services and comfort.

Rent a Car Services

All Slovakia rent a car companies offer Bratislava airport car delivery, some rent a car companies as paid services. It is better to book car rental in advance, however you can find a few rent a car company contacts at the airport offering rent a car services 24 hours 7 days a week.

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