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49,035 sq km

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Water parks in Slovakia

AquaCity Poprad

Aquacity Poprad, Slovakia Aquacity Poprad - Water park in Slovakia
Location Poprad
Opening times Monday – Sunday; 8am - 10pm, open all year round
Admission prices general admission fee for children, seniors and disabled is from 250Sk (€8.3); for adults it is from 300Sk (€9.9)
Accommodation luxurious three and four-star hotels, apartments

Swimming and Relax

AquaCity Poprad offers its attractions all year round. This Slovakia water park is equipped by several indoor and outdoor pools with rides and slides. Many pools are relax-oriented but there is also a pool for swimmers. Geothermal pellucid mineral water rising directly from a natural spring is used in AquaCity Poprad and it is cleaned several times per day. 

Entertainment and Services

This Slovakia water park is equipped with a restaurant, a bar and a gym. Accommodation in AquaCity Poprad water park is also available.

Children will love all water park attractions. You will not only enjoy raids and slides, but also relax in whirlpool, massage pools, sauna, inhalation rooms or salt cave of AquaCity Poprad water park.

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