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Banská Bystrica

Banska Bystrica

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Region Banska Bystrica region, Horehronie
Location Central Slovakia
Inhabitants 84,919
Area 103 km2
River Hron river
City parts Iliaš, Jakub, Kostiviarska, Podlavice, Majer, Kráľová, Kremnička, Senica, Uľanka, Šalková, Skubín, Radvaň, Rakytovce, Rudlová, Sásová
Transportation trolleybus, bus, citybus

Banská Bystrica lies on the Hron River in the heart of Slovakia. It is located in the Zvolenská Basin surrounded by the mountain chains: the Staré Hory Mountains, Poľana and the Kremnica Mountains.

The first written record dates back to 1255. Banská Bystrica used to be a rich mining town and even today its beauty attracts many tourists.

Historical monuments as the Town Hall or noblemen’s mansions are situated in the centre. The Memorial of the Slovak National Uprising and the City Castle with the remains of its original fortifications– a barbican protecting the main gate to the castle, are situated on the SNP Square. There is an open-air exhibition of World War II tanks, artillery, aircraft and armored trains situated in the city park next to the SNP Museum.

Banská Bystrica is situated just the half-way between Bratislava and Košice, very close to the Low Tatras National Park. Its strategic position in a close vicinity of the mountains offers the opportunity for visitors to experience sports, cultural, and social events all year long.

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