Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

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Buildings of Interest

Michael’s Gate

Michael’s Gate is situated on Michalská Street in the historical centre of Bratislava. It is the only gate in Slovakia that has been preserved of the medieval fortification. As its foundations date back to the fourteenth century, it ranks among the oldest town buildings. Its today’s look is the result of Baroque reconstruction in the eighteenth century. The top of the gate embellishes a tower with a sight seeing terrace. The gate used to serve as an entrance city gate and nowadays it houses an Exhibition of Weapons of Bratislava City Museum. When walking under the gate, pay attention to a milometer stating distances from Slovakia to big European cities.

Blue Church in Bratislava (Church of St. Elisabeth)

Blue Church built on the beginning of the twentieth century is situated on Bezručova Street. It is an Art Nouveau Catholic church well known for its extraordinary appearance. Its blue color and interesting architectonic style may be the reasons why so many couples in Slovakia decide to get married right here.

Slovak National Theatre (SND) – historical building

Slovak National Therater is situated next to the Carlton Hotel on Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava. It ranges among the most interesting buildings in the capital of Slovakia. It was constructed in an eclectic style and opened to the public in 1886. The building lies on the place where used to be the original Estates Theater. It became seat of Slovak National Theater in 1920 and since than it has been home to the ballet and opera. Slovak National Theater is often the start point for tourists entering the historical city part.

Academia Istropolitana

Academia Istropolitana is the oldest university of Slovakia. This National Historical Monument is situated on Ventúrska Street in Bratislava. It was established by Matthias Corvinus in 1465, in times when Slovakia formed part of the Kingdom of Hungary.  Nowadays it houses the Academy of Performing Arts.

Presidential Palace

Grassalkovich Palace also called Presidential Palace was built in 1760 in Baroque style. This beautiful building with a French garden is situated on Hodžovo Square in Bratislva, not far from the Bratislava historical city centre. The palace, Bratislava’s prominent landmark, is the seat of the president of Slovakia.

Ridotto in Bratislava

Ridotto is an important part of the Slovak historical and cultural heritage. As it houses the Slovak Philharmonic, it is a place of many musical concerts. You can find it on Mostová Street in Bratislava, nearby the Slovak National Theatre.

Good Shepherd’s House

Good Shepherd’s House was constructed in the eighteenth century. Nowadays it houses an exhibition of historical clocks administered by Bratislava City Museum. It lies nearby the Bratislava castle; you can see it from the St. Martin's Cathedral situated nearby the New Bridge. The House represents a mature work of the Rococo style in Slovakia.

Andrej Bagar Theatre

Andrej Bagar Theatre is Nitra’s prominent landmark situated in the town centre at the end of the pedestrian zone on Svätoplukovo Square. It was named after an outstanding Slovak actor Andrej Bagar. He contributed to the birth of the Slovak professional theatre. Its modern building ranges among the biggest theatres in Slovakia. Since 1992 it has been the main Nitra’s theatre, only the Big Hall can host more than 500 people.

Theatre of Janko Borodáč

Theatre of Janko Borodáč is situated on the Main Square in Košice. It was named after an outstanding Slovak actor, national artist Janko Borodáč who contributed to the birth of the Slovak professional theatre. He also worked as the Dean at the Theatrical faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. The eclectic building characteristic by Baroque features is one of the Košice’s must see. There is a nice park with a singing fountain just across from the theatre. The place between the theatre and the St. Elisabeth Cathedral forms not only the city heart but also represents the most visited place in the town.

New Bridge in Bratislava

New Bridge in Bratislava was constructed above the Danube River nearby the castle not far from the St. Martin’s Cathedral. It connects the historical centre, Petržalka Housing Estate and a road bypass leading to European metropolises Vienna and Budapest. You can cross it by car, by bus or just walking. UFO restaurant looming high over the bridge will certainly catch your attention. It is accessible by lift and it offers an unforgettable panoramic city view.

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