Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Used-car Dealers

In Slovakia, as in most countries, cars are sold in a few different ways. New car sales departments usually offer a single brand name. Second-hand cars can be purchased at used-car dealers or from a private purchaser. There are internet sites and many newspapers such as Avízo, Autoburza, etc offering advertisements of used cars in Slovakia. The used-car stores are usually opened all week except for Sunday. Most car dealer shops offer the possibility to use bank financing. Used-car stores usually offer a great number of cars to choose form, thus you can compare their technical conditions as well as prices. AAA auto, Auto Alleš and Darex are the biggest used-car dealers in Slovakia, however there are smaller used car dealers available in every town or city.

How to buy a used car

When you are planning to buy a used car, make sure you buy a car in good conditions for a reasonable price.

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