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Castles in Slovakia

Castles and manor houses form a significant part of the Slovak historical heritage. Impressive ruins, semi-ruins, well preserved and reconstructed castles and manor houses; Slovakia is spotted by hundreds of these historical gems constructed centuries ago. Their admirers will certainly find what they are looking for.

Some of them are famous, some of them a bit less, in any case, Slovakia offers a really wide selection.  There are about 90 – 100 castles and more than 400 manor houses in our country. Castles were usually built on high rocks and used to serve for protection against enemy. Their construction started mostly in the thirteenth century.

Their destiny was often marked by fires; many castles were totally burnt down. The nobility than moved to most comfortable manor houses whose construction started in the eighteen and the nineteenth centuries. As castles lost their lords and consequently all inhabitants, they started to fall into ruins.

Fortunately, many monuments have been successfully reconstructed and preserved to our times. Orava, Spiš, Bojnice or Devín castles are real gems among Slovak castles. City castles and manor houses are also very impressive; for example Trenčín, Nitra or Zvolen castles. You shouldn’t miss a visit to Beckov, Strečno, Červený Kameň (Red Stone Castle), Bratislva, Betliar, or Krásna Hôrka castles.  In case you are interested in visiting any of them, it would be better to thing ahead about what would you like to see. Do you wish to visit an impressive ruin as for example the Spiš Castle or do you prefer a totally preserved fully furbished castle as are for example Orava or Bojnice castles?

Betliar Castle

Castles that have preserved only as ruins and do not house any furniture or exhibitions are available any time and free of charge. Castles that except the walls have maintained some rooms and house some furniture or exhibitions are accessible for an entrance fee. They are opened according to the opening times.  Of course, if you want to admire them only from the outside, that’s available any time and free of charge; but if you enter the castle area, it’s better to pay attention to the opening times.  We offer you a selection of the most beautiful castes that are worth to see.

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