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Culture in Slovakia

Cultural life in Slovakia is very rich. A community centre can be found in every town or village of Slovakia. Usually all main cultural events take place here. Just to name a few events: celebration of the Mother’s Day, giving presents on the St.Nicholas Day (6th of December), children’s cultural programs and performances of amateur theatricals as well as fruit, vegetable or drawing exhibitions. Community centres situated in cities also offer performances of various artists as singers, entertainers or magicians and organize a number of competitions.

Concerts of musical groups or singers are usually organized in bigger halls as for example sports halls situated in every town and city of Slovakia. Many events organized by the city as fairs, various exhibitions and regular annual events take place on large city squares. Many cultural events are connected to Slovak traditions.

Theatres are an important “culture carrier” in Slovakia. There are several genres available: opera, musical, ballet and drama (for example tragic or comic plays). Cast actors are high-class performers. As there are also puppet and fairy tale shows, everyone, children as well as adults, will certainly find what they seek.

Slovakia Cinemas

Cinema is another cultural institution that can be found in all Slovak cities and in some villages. Cinemas are popular for being the first institution presenting new movies. Usually there can be found more than one cinema in big cities in Slovakia showing latest movies. Cinemas are very popoular in Slovakia. In big cities, there are usually a few movies showed per day.

Galleries and Museums in Slovakia

A visit of a gallery will certainly enrich your aesthetic feelings. Slovakia galleries house works of many significant artists: paintings, sculptures, photographs or other artistic artefacts. Galleries also house current exhibitions. The National Gallery is situated in Bratislava. Cultural and historical heritage, historical documents and precious gems are contained in museums in Slovakia. There are many museums thorough Slovakia. Museum in Slovakia are usually thematically oriented according to the history of the region where it is situated.

Theatres in Slovakia

Many Slovaks longing for cultural experience visit a theatre. There are about 40 theatres in Slovakia. Many pupils visit theatrical performances as part of their school education. Private companies often offer to their employees free or at least cheaper theatrical tickets. Usually it is necessary to book ticket in advance because shows are often sold out very quickly. There is a large number of choices: theatrical performances and puppet shows for kids, ballet, opera and classic or modern theatrical performances. Bratislava is not only the home to the highest number of theatres but also to the Slovak Philharmonic.

Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava (SND) houses drama, ballet and opera. Slovak National Theatre historical building is situated on Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava. Nowadays many plays are performed at the new building of the Slovak National Theatre located on Pribinova Street. As shows are very interesting, everybody will find what he is looking for whether it is a comedy or an intense dramatic experience. Theatre tickets in Slovakia are of reasonable prices so they are available to all social classes.
Drama tickets cost about €2.5 – 13. An opera ticket you can purchase from €10 - 40.

Slovak State Opera is located in Banská Bystrica. Theatres can be found in Nitra, Žilina, Martin, Zvolen, Prešov, Rožňava, Komárno and Spišská Nová Ves. The well known Theatre of Andrej Bagar is located in Nitra. Its building is situated in the town centre at the end of the pedestrian zone on Svätopluk Square. The audience can see performances inspired by the world wide known classic literature as well as the modern drama. The repertory is very rich, stylistically and thematically diverse including performances for children and young audience.

Košice is home to the National Theatre and to several other theatres. The National Theatre in Košice as well as the one in Bratislava houses drama, ballet and opera. The National Theatre has more than 600-year long tradition and it is housed by a hundred year old building. Its programme is really rich: well known operas and ballets, performances for adults as well as for children.
Ticket prices are from €3.5. Opera tickets can be purchased from €3 – 7.

All performances are in Slovak language. There are also theatrical festivals as for example Theatrical Nitra where you can see many theatrical groups from abroad. You can choose from different genres. Great Slovak actors and stage directors will take care of your cultural experience. Usually there is a performance every day, except summer season when theatres “are on vacations.” 

List of Theatres in Slovakia

Bratislava Theatres

Theatre New Scene
Slovak National Theatre
Slovak National Theatre Opera and Ballet Companies
The SND's Small Theatre
The Studio 12
Theatre Astorka Korzo'90
Arena Theatre
Studio L+S
Theatre West
Naive Theatre of Radosina
Bratislava Puppet Theatre
Theatre Stoka
GU na GU Theatre
Theatre AHA
Studio Kaplnka
Theatre Wustenrot
The Ludus Theatre
Slovak Mimo Theatre
Teátro Neline
The City Theatre

Zvolen Theatres

J.G.Tajovsky Theatre
Maska Theatre

Banska Bystrica Theatres

The State Opera
Banska Bystrica Children's Puppet Theate
Dance Studio
Theatre from the Passage
Theatre D44


Theatre of Slovak National Uprising


The City Theatre
The Puppet Theatre
Phenomenon theatre          


State Theatre
Puppet Theatre
Thália Theatre
Romathan Theatre
V kufri
Staromestské divadlo
Divadielko Madrid – EUS
Divadlo na peróne


Jan Palarik Theatre


Andrej Bagar Theatre
The Old Theatre
Teatro Tatra


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