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Water Reservoirs and Dams in Slovakia

Water reservoirs and dams in Slovakia are recreation areas offering a variety of outdoor experiences. Visitors are accommodated in hotels, bungalows, tents or car camps.

Liptovska Mara

Location northern Slovakia, near Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptovska Mara water reservoir is situated nearby Liptovský Mikuláš in a Slovak region called Liptov. It spreads along a highway leading to the High Tatras. The dam is named after one of the seven totally inundated villages that used to exist in the valley. A ruin of gothic church situated in a settlement called Havránok is everything that has remained of them up to the present time. The 0.76mi (1,225m) long dam with an area of 10.42 sq mi (27 sq km) is the largest one in Slovakia.

A popular car camp Liptovský Trnovec is situated only 3.7mi (6km) from Liptovský Mikuláš. Located on dam’s banks, it is opened to public since May till October. The accommodation is also provided by many small but comfortable two star bungalows. Camp site recreation area offers a playground, a mini golf area and a volleyball playground. Visitors can enjoy bathing on a wide grassy beach. Other recreation activities include: surfing, boating, fishing and water biking. A fishing permission and a boat renting are available right in the camp. Fantastic scenery you can enjoy also from a cruise ship.

Oravska Dam

Location northernmost Slovakia, on the confluence of the White Orava and Black Orava rivers

Oravska Dam is one of the most popular dams in Slovakia. Favourite are especially its western and southern parts. Popular recreation activities include boating, surfing, yachting, watching wildlife and water biking. A tempting attraction is a boat trip around a little island. Slanická Osada tourist centre with a beach and a camp site and Námestovo with its port and beaches are the most popular tourist destinations in Oravská Dam’s neighborhood.

Zemplinska Sirava

Location eastern Slovakia, near Michalovce

In comparison with other Slovak dams usually located in northern regions, Zemplinska Sirava dam lies in a warm eastern Slovakian region. With a longitude about 0.7mi (1,100m) and an area of 12.74 sq mi (33 sq km) it ranges the second among Slovak dams. It is a popular water sports destination. Seven holiday resorts located along the beaches of Zemplinska Šírava Dam offer a high quality services. The lodging and boarding are provided by hotels, bungalows and guest houses. Camping lovers can use their tents or try the car camp.

Kaluža Holiday Resort

Kaluža Holiday Resort connected to Kamenec Holiday Resort is suitable for campers. Kaluža has several swimming pools and a toboggan. Local restaurants provide catering services and Kamenec’s gravel beach offers a wide range of water sports opportunities. The accommodation at Kaluža Holiday Resort is provided by hotels or you can try the car camp.

Biela Hora Holiday Resort (White Mountain)

Biela Hora holiday resort is located only 1.8mi (3km) from Michalovce. There are many private chalets and a guest house situated in the area.

Hôrka Holiday Resort

Hôrka holiday resort is situated only 4.9mi (8km) from Michalovce. It has a very well equipped car camp. Visitors will be amazed by the most attractive sand and mixed sand-and-gravel beaches in the Zemplínska Šírava area. Popular recreation activities of Hôrka Holiday Resort include mini golf, yachting and water sports. This holiday centre has also a big playground and a horse riding area.

Klokočov Holiday Resort

Accommodation in Klokočov Holiday Resort is provided by hotels and a well equipped car camp. Klokočov has also a swimming pool.

Paľkov Holiday Resort

Accommodation in Paľkov Holiday Resort is provided by a big guest house with a swimming pool. Camping lovers can use their tents or car camp. Paľkov serves to those wishing to get away from the stresses of modern life and enjoy calm water fishing.

Medvedia Hora Holiday Resort (Bear Mountain)

Medvedia Hora Holiday Resort is divided into two parts. A gravel beach area and a car camp are located in the western part. Catering services are provided by a restaurant. Bungalows and hotels are situated in the center’s eastern part.

Zlaté piesky (Golden Sands)

Location: south-west of Slovakia, Bratislava region

Golden Sands (Zlate Piesky) is a recreation complex situated on the north-west of the capital Bratislava. Accommodation in Zlate Piseky is provided by hotels, bungalows and chalets. The site has also a high capacity of pitches for tents and campers. Its sandy beaches are a great place for relaxing and a wide range of water sports is also available. Beside swimming, toboggan riding and water sports you can play beach volleyball, table tennis, billiards or mini golf in Zlate Piesky.

Slnečné jazerá (Sunny Lakes)

Location south-west of Slovakia, Senec

Sunny Lakes (Slnecke Jazera) recreation complex is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Slovakia. It is divided into southern and northern parts. Accommodation at Slnecne Jazera is provided by hotels, guest houses and a car camp. To enter the area you have to pay an entrance fee. Sunny Lakes provide a variety of recreation activities: water biking, boating, tennis courts, toboggan and water sports. Fishermen can also enjoy fishing at Slnecne Jazera. A water park Aquathermal Senec with swimming pools and other attractions situated within the Slnecne Jazera recreation complex will help you to make the most of your holiday in Slovakia.

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