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History of Slovakia

Nowadays Slovakia can be characterised as an independent democratic country organised by a parliamentary system of government. However Slovak Republic is a young state (established January 1, 1993 by splitting Czechoslovakia), indeed it is an old country with rich historical heritage. Along the centuries of its existence there have been changes in political systems and state organization.

We would like to invite you on a journey along its history, along the most important events connected to the Slovak nation. Along the centuries, Slovak territory formed part of many famous empires: Roman Empire, Samo's Kingdom, Great Moravian Empire, Habsburg Monarchy and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Our little country was endangered and many times occupied by several nations:  Avars, Frankish Empire, Old Hungarians, Tatars and the strong and hardly defeatable Turks. Despite all difficulties, Slovak people achieved abolishing of villeinage, legalisation of literary Slovak language and they have continued in fostering the art and culture.

Slovaks like other European nations suffered by both, the WW I and WW II. The end of the WW II was important for changes in state organization.
Our history was for many years connected to our neighbours – the Czech Republic. We used to form one single state. At first it was the of Form;Top of Form;Markup;; first Czechoslovak Republic, than we created the second republic. The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was the official name during the era of Totalitarianism finished by velvet Revolution in 1989. Then, we formed of Form;Top of Form;Markup;; Czechoslovakia – a federative republic which did not last for more than four years.

The year 1993 was very important for achieving independence and creating a sovereign democratic Slovak Republic. The information about the Slovak history is in chronological order and will lead you thorough the most important historical events connected to the Slovak nation.

Chronology of the Slovak History

Fist Settlemnets, First Nations on the Slovak Territory

3rd – 1st Century BC Celts in Slovakia
1st – 4th Century AD Slovakia in times of the Roman Empire
5th – 6th Century First Slavs Tribes in Slovak Territory
years 623 - 658 AD Samo’s Empire
8th Century - King Charlemagne
833 Formation of Great Moravia
863 Constantine and Methodius
896 Hungarians Tribes
1241 - 1242 Tartar Attacks

Slovakia as a part of Hungarian Kingdom

1465 Foundation of Academia Istropolitana
1526 Battle of Mohacs
1530 Turkish Occupation

Habsburg Empire

1635 Foundation of Trnave University
1660 Foundation of Kosice University
1683 Battle of Vienna, Turks are defeated
1781 Edict of Tolerance
1785 state of subjugation to a land owner
1787 Anton Bernolak – frist attempts for codification of Slovak literary language
1805 Battle of Austerlitz

Slovak National Aspirations

1787 Anton Bernolák - first attempt to codify Slovak Language
1805 Battle at Slavkov
1843 Ludovit Stur - codification of Slovak Language
1848 foundation of Slovak National Council
1863 foundation of Matica Slovenska in Martin
1874 three grammar schools in Revaca, Martin and Klastor pod Znievom are closed
1875 Matica slovenska is closed
1907 Apponyi’s Educational Law
1913 formation of Slovak People’s Party

First World War

1914 -1918 World War I
30.5.1918 Pittsburg Agreement

First Czechoslovak Republic

28.10.1918 formation of Czechoslovakia
1919 Matica Slovenska was reopened
1919 foundation of the Comenius University in Bratislava
29.9.1919 Munich Agreement
2.11.1919 Vienna Agreement

Second World War

22.11.1938 Slovak autonomy
1939 II. World War II
14.3.1939 Independent Slovak Republic was formed
1941 Slovakia went to war with the Soviet Union
29.8.1944 Slovak National Uprising
6.10.1944 Dukla
8.5.1945 End of Second World War in Europe

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

1948- Communist dictatorship begins in Czechoslovakia
1960- Czechoslovak Socialist Republic established
1968- Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia
October 27, 1968- Constitutional Law of Federation
1989- Velvet Revolution
1990 - Czech and Slovak Federal Republic established
July 17, 1990 Declaration of Sovereignty of the Slovak Republic
September 1, 1990 - Constitution of the Slovak Republic
November 25, 1990 - Termination of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic

Slovakia Today

January 1, 1993 -Slovak Republic established

Famous Personalities in Slovakia History

Ľudovít Štúr
Milan Rastislav Štefánik
Alexander Dubček
Juraj Jánošík

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