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Mountain Ranges of Slovakia

Slovakia is an attractive tourist destination especially for its high mountains and scenic valleys. Slovak mountains are characterized by their vertical contrasts and relief’s uniqueness and are parts of Slovak national parks visited by many Slovak but also foreign tourists. High Tatras, the highest mountains in Slovakia, belong to the most visited destinations in Slovakia and represent a unique natural sample of Slovak Carpathian Mountains.

Low mountains (300 – 800 m above sea level)

Easier accessible low mountains line up higher mountains and cover about 45% of total area of Slovakia. The major low mountains include Hornonitrianska and Turcianska basin in the west, Juhoslovenska basin in the south, Krupina’s plateau in central Slovakia and Ondava’s highlands and Kosice’s basin in the east. They are formed mostly by oak-hornbeam forests mixed with maple, linden and beech trees and are interlaced with educational paths. Cyclo paths that you can find in low mountains are popular especially with moderate tourists. Very good examples of low mountains are Little Carpathian Mountains in the west of Slovakia or Cerova Highlands around Lucenec. Besides this, low mountains are rich in mineral healing springs (e.g. Budis, Rajec), as well as thermal springs used in spas such as Piestany, Bardejov or Smrdaky.

Medium mountains (800 – 1500 m above sea level)

Tribec, Vtacnik, Povazsky Inovec, Stražov Mountains, Levoca Mountains, Slovak Ore Mountains, Kremnica Mountains, Vihorlat Mountains, White Carpathians and Javorníky reach about 1500 m above sea level and are most visited tourist destinations of Medium Mountains. Polana (1458 m above sea level) is the highest volcanic mountain range in Slovakia. These mountains are formed mostly by beech forests mixed with fir trees and spruce trees only above. Rocky cliffs of medium mountains together with castles like Beckov, Trencin or Spis’ castle make a beautiful impression, they are still popular with many tourists and offer cultural or knight’s events to them. Medium mountains are characteristic by the caves relief including a lot of caves, waterfalls, ravines, canyons or torrent rivers which can be seen in Slovak Paradise and Slovak Caves in Slovak Ore Mountains. You will also enjoy Harmanec cave in the Greater Fatra close to Turcianske Teplice or Plavecky cave in Little Carpathian Mountains. Besides the long walks on educational paths these mountains offer excellent conditions for skiers of all categories.

High mountains (more than 1500 m above sea level)

High Mountains in Slovakia – these are first of all steep slopes, glens and rocky hills such as Lesser Fatra, Greater Fatra, Choc mountains, High Tatras, Low Tatras or Orava Beskids. The highest peak is Gerlach Peak with its 2655 meters above sea level situated in the east part of High Tatras. Valleys are formed by deep spruce and pine forests, scrub pine forests can be found up to 2000 meters above sea level, shoulders and isolated peaks are clear-cut areas, higher are only rocky cliffs. High mountains are exceptional in their nature and climate therefore suitable for sportsmen and everybody who wants to relax as well as for mountain tourism, climbing and skiing. The best known ski-centers are Rohace in High Tatras, Jasna, Chopok and Donovaly in Low Tatras or Martinske hole in Lesser Fatra. These mountains are an attractive destination also for various caves with their cave and ice formations (Dobsinska ice cave, Ochtinska aragonite cave in Low Tatras). Total impression of high mountains tourism is supplemented with mountain valleys suitable especially for healing stays. The most sought are Gader Valley in Greater Fatra, Prosiecka valley in Choc mountains or Mengusovska valley in High Tatras, many of them are interconnected with mountain spas, such as Lucky, Novy Smokovec, Sliac and others.

Highest peaks of High Tatras
Gerlachovsky stit    2 655 m
Lomnicky stit  2 634 m
Ladovy stit  2 627 m
Rysy 2 499 m
Krivan   2 494 m
Highest peaks of Low Tatras
Dumbier    2 043 m
Chopok    2 024 m
Highest peaks of Mala Fatra
Velky Krivan  1 709 m
Highest peaks of Chocské vrchy
Velky Choc   1 611 m
Highest peaks of Velka Fatra
Ostredok  1 592 m

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