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Mountains of Slovakia

Mountain Hiking

We are surrounded by nature. In fact, as every living or non-living being, we are a part of it. The nature fills us with admiration and peace. Its beauty inspires our respect to the heritage that our ancestors left us. We have to preserve it; we are all responsible for it. Only thanks to the nature, its treasures and its green forests we can breathe clean air and admire beautiful panoramic views.

Slovakia’s nature will impress you. It is a country of diverse natural beauties. Its green forests, huge mountains and wide valleys will reveal you its effervescent cascades, dingles and caves. Slovakia is home to many rare animal and plant species.

Mountains of SlovakiaMountains of Slovakia

Deciduous forests in Slovakia are home to roe deer or wild boar; trees shelter woodpeckers or cuckoos. Coniferous forests are home to little squirrels and big brown bears. There are chamois and marmots living in Tatras-our highest mountains. Many national parks, mountain chains, rivers, mineral waters and caves make Slovakia a beautiful country with gorgeous nature. As much as two fifths of its territory is covered by forests, more than a half are deciduous ones. The best time for hiking in Slovakia is from May till September. It is great for you physical condition. Clean fresh mountain air will refresh your mind and certainly will do well to your children. You choose the type of the trail depending on your physical condition. You will pass great time, gain new experiences and a lot of optimism.

Mountains of SlovakiaMountains of Slovakia

There are nine national parks and fourteen protected landscape areas in Slovakia. Pieniny National Park is the smallest one, NAPANT – Low Tatras National Park is the largest one. High Tatras National Park is the mountain range with the highest peaks. The wildest and most dangerous looking tourist trails meander thorough the Slovak Paradise. If you decide to get to know the beauties of Slovak deep forests, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. There are many places to see in Slovakia Mountains, many learning and tourist paths to walk along. Rafting or hiking, you can admire huge cliffs and swift rivers running through deep ravines. With a little walking you can summit Slovakia mountains and enjoy stupendous views.

The beautiful panorama of the valleys in Slovakia that will be extending below you is unforgettable. We will guide you thorough our forests and tell you what you can see in the region you have chosen to visit. High and Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise or Pieniny are the most visited Slovakia mountain ranges; but there are other beautiful Slovak mountains that it’s worth to see: Lower Fatra, Slovak Karst, etc. Probably, you will meet a lot of tourist hiking at moderately demanding trails. Usually when you go to a more demanding long hike, they all start to disappear.

Mountains of SlovakiaMountains of Slovakia

We will provide you not only with information about particular places and regions of Slovakia Mountains, but also with tips where to go and what to see. Slovaks like to hike to the top of Krivan Mount lying in High Tatras or to Chopok and Ďumbier Mounts in Low Tatras. There is a cableway leading up to the second highest mountain in Slovakia – Lomnicky Peak. Rozsutec Mountain in Lower Fatra will also catch your attention. But be careful because some routes are not passable without a good mountain guide.

Warnings when Visiting Mountains in Slovakia


You need to know before hiking in deciduous Slovakia forests that you should use some repellent to prevent any tick biting. Ticks are only few millimetres long but they sometimes carry Lyme disease or Tick-borne meningoencephalitis and they can infect you. In case you find a little black insect bitten into your skin, it will be the tick. You have to get rid of it as soon as possible. You can do it yourself with a pair of tweezers. You have to make sure that its head hasn’t stayed inside your skin. If you think you cannot do it or the tick has already sucked too much blood, it is better to seek medical attention.

Mountain Hiking in Slovakia

There are some exhausting and demanding hiking trails that should not be done without a good mountain guide. As many tourists overestimate their powers and physical condition, the hike has often an unhappy end. They get lost or hurt.

Clothes, Shoes, Drinks

There are firm hiking boots recommended to use when hiking. Sandals or even flip-flops are the worst shoes you can think about when you want to go on a hike not only in Slovakia. You may easily get hurt on uneven slippery rocky pathways.

Mountains of SlovakiaMountains of Slovakia

As the weather in Slovakia mountains changes very quickly, you should wear several layers of clothing. When is sunny, you can wear only a t-shirt in low situated valleys, but mounting up to higher altitudes you will certainly need not only long sleeves but also a sports jacket. Average temperatures on mountain ridges in Slovakia do not exceed few degrees above zero even in the summer season. And don’t forget the raincoat, just in case.

Always take some snack with you and do not forget a bottle of water. However there are mountain chalets in Slovakia offering refreshment, they can be too far when you really need them.  The rest of the year in Slovakia is characteristic by quite cold weather. You will need a hat, gloves, warm windcheater and winter shoes during the winter season because the temperature falls below zero degrees.

Skiing in Slovakia

The Slovak Mountain Rescue Service warns about weather changes and avalanche danger in the mountains. Despite there are tourists found dead buried under a snowslide every year. Therefore, always check whether conditions of the trail you are planning to hike. Ski only on marked and groomed slopes and do not look for the dangerous ones. If you are in danger or something has happened, do not hesitate to contact the alpine rescue service.

Slovak Mountain Rescue Service number: 18 300

Mountains of SlovakiaMountains of Slovakia

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