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49,035 sq km

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Music in Slovakia

In the past, many famous music composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and Bartok visited Slovakia. Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský, John Levoslav Bella – the author of the first Slovak opera kováč Wieland – William Figuš Bystrý and Mikuláš Moyzes are considered founders of Slovak national music. A significant character of the 20th century generation of Slovak music is Eugen Suchoň, the composer of famous operas Krútňava and Svätopluk, Alexander Moyzes or John Cikker.

Slovak Folk Music

Slovakia is characteristic by number of folk songs as are part of Slovakia folklore. These folk songs were sang the people in the past while working in fields, for entertainment or while raising children. Traditional Slovak lullabies, furman songs, trávnice (meadow songs), military or bandit songs preserved until today. World-famous folk group Lúčnica still represents Slovakia by traditional Slovak folk songs, dancing and singing.
The first generation of Slovak composers were connected with love of folk songs, Slovak nature, Slovak history and national heroes. They collected and editing folk songs. In 20th century Slovak music was enriched with instrumental music and opera production. 

Contemporary Music in Slovakia

Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra is the most important symphony orchestra of Slovak Republic. Reduta building in Bratislava, which as one of significant historical and cultural buildings in the Bratislava centre became the seat of the orchestra. Slovak Philharmonic orchestra regularly organizes thematically conceived concerts. Traditional Bratislava Music Festival is also regularly held in the capital of Slovakia.

Slovak Philharmonic Choir represents professional choir music in Slovakia. In Slovakia you can also find Slovak Chamber Orchestra.

Slovak opera singer Peter Dvorsky is world famous opera singer.

Modern Music in Slovakia

In Slovakia there are several well-known singers and bands - leaders of Slovakia modern music - who has been part of Slovak modern music for many years and are still famous. These singers include Marika Gombitová, Paľo Habera, Miro Žbirka, Jožo Ráž with his music band Elán, Tublatanka music band, Paul Hammel, Dara Rollins an so on.
Among the unforgettable Slovak pop music performers certainly belong Richard Muller, Peter Nagy, Maťo Ďurinda or Robo Grigorov, although these artists produce music rather irregularly.

Contemporary Popular Music in Slovakia

In the last decade, there have been many new music bands that became famous in Slovakia including No name, Desmod, Gladiator, and so on. Among the outstanding Slovak pop singers belong Katka Knechtová, Zuzana Smatanová, Jana Kirschner, Mário Kuly Kollár, Ivan Tásler or finalists of well known television competition Slovakia seeks Superstar (Slovensko hľadá superstar), Peter Cmorík, Zdenka Predná, Martina Schindlerová and many others.

On television there are various musical competitions, such as Slovensko hľadá superstar, in which many new musical talents of Slovak popular music were found. Other famous TV music shows in Slovakia include Vyspievaj si million or Hit storočia (Song of the century).

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