Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Bratislava Region

Seat Bratislava
Area: 2,052.6 km²
Population: 603,699
Density: 249 /km²
Districts: 8

Bratislava Region is divided into 8 districts including the capital city municipalities Bratislava I – Bratislava V and geographically close districts of Senec, Pezinok a Malacky. It is situated in the western part of Slovakia where the River Morava forms a natural border with Austria and the River Danube forms natural border with Hungary. The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava has an excentric location towards the country, however it has geographically very strategic location towards other European cities such as Vienna, Budapest or Brno.

Natural Conditions of Bratislava Region

Bratislava District is quite variable. It is mainly due to the domination of the Carpathian Mountains and Pannonian Plain. Záhorská Lowland covered by flying sand and Danubian Lowland by loess are typical examples of lowlands extending in western Slovakia. They are separated by Little Carpathian Mountains formed by Palaeolithic granites and limestone. The Danube River forms a hydrogeological central line of this warm and fertile region. Silted gravel sands brought by the Danube River were dredged and Golden Sands in Bratislava and Sunny Lakes nearby Senec were created. Due to great reserves of underground and mineral waters, Rye Island is an important reservoir of drinking water. The soil composition is quite variable. Danube and Morava river flood plains are covered by alluvial soils, Trnava Upland by fertile black soils and Little Carpathians by brown forest soils. The region along the Danube river course is also known for rare protected flood-plain forests. Sand dunes extending on Záhorská Lowland are covered by pine tree forests, Carpathians are more characteristic by oak and beech trees. Bratislava District is not only the most prosperous one in Slovakia, but some of its area is also protected - Little Carpathians Protected Landscape Area and several other natural reserves reach into its territory.

Bratislava region is divided into 8 districts including 4 cities.

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