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Restaurants in Slovakia

There are many restaurants and other eating facilities ready to fulfil your wishes thorough Slovakia. You can choose from simple refreshment stands offering fast foods, cosy bageteries, snack bars and sandwich shops, McDonald’s or various types of restaurants in Slovakia offering Slovakia food.

Pizzerias and Chinese restaurants are quite popular, but there can be found also many classic restaurants offering a high variety of Slovakia food. Typical Slovak restaurants - shepherd’s huts are very favourite eating facilities offering specialities of Slovak cuisine.

There are many restaurants in every city in Slovakia which also offer Slovakia food; usually some can be found in shopping centres. When travelling, people generally take advantage of roadhouses. Vegetarian restaurants and wine bars are also available. Cafés, bars, tea rooms and sweet shops are very frequent as they are popular meeting places for many Slovak people.

Taverns, pubs and beer parlours are the most frequent and cheapest eating facilities in Slovakia; however they usually offer only drinks and do not serve meals. You can also find Indian or Russian restaurants in Bratislava.

Restaurants in Slovakia offer a great variety of drinks: alcoholic and soft, hot ( tea, hot chocolate and coffee – latte, cappuccino, espresso, Turkish and ice coffee, or Wiener coffee/coffee with cream) and cold (juices, coke, Kofola, ice tea, Fanta, Sprite and mineral water – sparkling, still and naturally sparkling). A wide range of alcoholic drinks is available: wines, aperitifs, cocktails and world wide known as well as typical Slovak brands of liquors.

The price of a hot and a cold drink is usually about €1. Menus are often available not only in Slovak but also in English or German language.  A great number of restaurants can be found thorough the country, only Bratislava has 400 to choose from. They are usually opened till 10pm.

Generally, all Slovak restaurants offer lunchtime menu: two or three complete meals served in the lunchtime consisting of a soup and a main course. Sometimes a dessert or a drink is also included. You will only pay about €3.50. The menus offer soups and sweet courses, fish or vegetarian dishes, cheese, pasta, boiled or fried vegetables as well as meaty dishes: beef, pork and chicken or other poultry.

Potatoes are a favourite side dish in Slovakia food and restaurants serve them in many different ways: boiled, fried, roasted and American. Other side dishes are: rice, pasta, dumplings, vegetables, griddle cakes and different kinds of salads. If you want a dessert you can choose from ice-cream and fruit sundaes, or you can have a piece of cake, strudel or other desserts.

Price lists are individual depending also on the renown and the location of the restaurant. Generally restaurants situated in smaller cities in Slovakia tend to have lower prices. An average price of a meal dish is about €5,00 - 7.00.

Traditional Slovak Restaurants – Shepherd’s Huts

Shepherd’s huts offering traditional Slovakia food are usually located in mountainous areas and recreation sites of Slovakia. These wooden chalets are characteristic by delicious Slovakia food called bryndzove halushky (gnocchi with sheep cheese). Halushky can be served also with meat or cabbage and with various kinds of traditional cheeses. Except for traditional Slovakia food these restaurants also offer classic courses as fish and chips or meaty dishes.  

Typical Slovakia food, pork dishes, served at “hog-killing time” are also available: boiled or roasted meaty sausages (filled with seasoned meat), rice sausages (a gross roasted sausage filled with boiled rice and meat) and cabbage soup (cabbage soup with meat and sausages).

Shepherd’s huts offering traditional Slovakia food are characteristic by wooden furniture and customers can enjoy their lunch in nice atmosphere inside the hut or outside on an open air terrace surrounded by nature’s beauties. The price lists tend to be similar to classic restaurants. The average price of delicious Slovakia food halushky with sheep cheese is about € 3.50. 

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As in other countries, pizzerias are very popular eating facilities in Slovakia. They offer not only pizzas but also other Italian dishes as for example pastas or salads. Of course, their menus include ice-cream and fruit sundaes, cakes or other afters. A pizza costs in Slovakia about €5,50. We recommend you try pizza in various restaurants.

Chinese Restaurants

Chinese restaurants belong among the truly popular eating facilities thorough the country. As fast food restaurants you can find them in big shopping centres in Slovakia. They have special dishes able to win customer’s hearts. The most common dishes are chicken cooked in many ways, vegetables, rice and pasta. Prices are like in other Slovak restaurants. The average price of a main course is about €5,00.

Fast Food

Fast food eating facilities offer a variety of baguettes and hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, fried cheese or cauliflower as well as kebabs or vegetarian salads. Pancake shops are also very popular in Slovakia. Except pancakes they often offer baguettes or hamburgers for about €1.70. One filled pancake costs about €1.00.

Fast food restaurants are very frequent in larger Slovakia cities. Many times located in shopping centres, they offer typical Slovakia food -  meaty or vegetarian dishes - as well as hamburgers or Chinese dishes. A meal costs about 3.50.

McDonald’s has started to build its chain in past recent years thorough the country. There are eleven McDonald’s restaurants only in Bratislava, two in Košice and you can find them also in Nitra, Banska Bystrica, Trnava, Presov, Trencin or Zilina. They offer a high variety of burgers and sandwiches (with ham, cheese, fish or meat) as well as chips, salads, fried chicken nuggets, desserts, drinks and breakfast meals. Children will love the Happy Meal with a toy inside. Many of McDonald’s have a children playground area. McDrive is available in some of them, so you can buy your food without even stepping out of the car.

Goose Feasts

The goose feast in Slovakia represents a specific Slovakia food in restaurants specially arranged for goose meat preparation and oven roasting. Slovensky Grob is a village surrounded by Little Carpathians and located two kilometres from Pezinok in western Slovakia. It is very well known by goose and duck breeding and sale. Goose specialities are popular thorough Slovakia and restaurants in the village regularly prepare goose feast offering delicious Slovakia food - roast goose with loksha (a kind of a boiled potato griddle cake served with roasted duck and goose).

As the portion of roasted goose needs a glass of a good wine, except typical Slovakia food you will be offered a high quality wine grown on Little Carpathians slopes. If you want to enjoy the taste of a nice roast goose in the atmosphere of the goose feast, you should make the reservation in advance at least a month or two before the event, as the goose restaurants are often fully booked. Goose feast are popular not only among Slovaks but also among tourists from abroad. You will find restaurants offering goose feast also in other places in Slovakia, for example in Bratislava.

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