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Skiing in Slovakia - Low Tatras

Chopok Jasná Server (North)

Location Low Tatras
Ski Resort Parts Záhradky, Biela púť, Otupné
Access from Liptovsky Mikulas to Demanova
Distances From Liptovský Mikuláš: 15 km, From Poprad: 60 km
Transportation Jasná Chopok Sever (North) Ski Resort is situate near Liptovsky Mikuláš town, in the northern part of Slovakia. It can be reached by car or by bus from Liptovsky Mikuláš, directions to Jasná, Demänovská dolina
Services cablecar, chair lift, ski lifts, free ring, alpine skiing, snowboarding, Kitewing, snow rafting, Paragliding, ice skating ring, 2 cross country skiing trails, snowboard school, ski rental, snowboard rental, ski kindergarten, ski service, sport shops, restaurants, snack bar, indoor swimming pool, fit centre, sauna, exchange office in very hotel, tourist information office, post office

Chopok Jasná Server (North) characteristics

Chopok is the third highest peak of Low Tatras. It is 2,024 meters high and is situated in Demänovská Dolina. The ski trails of Chopok ski resort are situated at the northern and southern areas of Chopok. The biggest ski resort Jasná is locate at the southern part of Chopok and belongs to the most popular ski resorts in Slovakia. It is situated in the northern part of Slovakia, close to Liptovský Mikuláš and can be easily reached by car or by bus from Liptovský Mikuláš town. It is divided into three parts of Záhradky, Jasná, Otupné. The most famous ski resort of Jasná, Záhradky, is located at 1,025 meters above sea level. In Otupné ski resort you can find easy ski trails lying at 1,143 m altitude surrounded by hotels. Skiing season starts in December and ends in April. There are 5 chair lifts, 1 cabinecar in Otupné, 11 ski lifts and 14 ski trails.

There are difficult ski trails – Spravodlivá (exceeded of 436m), Majstrovská and Slalom trail, medium difficult trails Pretekárska, Májová, FIS, Jelení grúň and Derešský kotol. Biela púť, Turistická, Otupné and Vrbická are suitable for beginners and children. There are three cross country ski trails in Jasná, night skiing and Alpin skiing. Other attractions include Demänovská ice cave and The Demänovská Cave of Freedom.

Jasna Chopok Juh (South)

Location Low Tatras
Ski Resort Parts Záhradky, Biela púť, Otupné
Access The ski resort is accessible by car or by bus. It can be reached from Podbrezova town, or Brezno town. The nearest bus station is Bystra, train station Podbrezova
Distances From Brezno: 15 km, from Podbrezova: 9 km
Services one 2-seat chair lift, ski lifts, ski school, ski service, ski rental, tourist information office, exchange office, car park, mountain rescue, freestyle, freeride

Jasna Chopok Juh (South) characteristics

Chopok juh ski resort is situated at the southern part of Chopok, one of the highest peaks of Low Tatras Mountains. It is situated in the central part of Low Tatras in Bystrianska dolina, north-west from Brezno town. The ski resort is accessible by car or by bus from Banská Bystrica, Podbrezová town, or from Brezno town. You can find easy, medium and difficult ski trails here including 6 ski trails. Difficult ski trails Kosodrevina - Srdiečko, Kosodrevina, medium difficult ski trail Predné Dereše – Krupová, easy ski trail Lúčka. Medium ski trails Srdiečko Krupová and Zadné Dereše.


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