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Skiing in Slovakia

Slovakia offers high quality skiing conditions for adults and children, for beginners and experienced skiers, but also skiing experts. You can find cross country skiing, downhill skiing, night skiing, skiing for children, snowboarding possibilities as well as ski schools and other winter sport activities and attractions. There are different types of ski trails from easy ski trails for beginners to extreme skiers. You can spend your winter holiday in High Tatras, Low Tatras, Greater Fatra, Lesser Fatra, Kysuce, Orava or other popular ski resorts in Slovakia Mountains. Slovakia is very popular spot for winter sports for Slovak people and for foreign tourists and Slovakia is famous for winter sports and tourism. Most ski resorts are open from November or December till March or April. In case of bad weather, most ski resorts use artificial snowing. We are presenting the most popular ski resorts in Slovakia. Please do not forget about safety instructions especially for snow slip information and ski conditions. In case of accident European Union citizens should have Euro card or Euro form E 111 or your passport. Any other health insurance documents can be found very complicated for Slovakia health system.

TOP Ski Resorts in Slovakia include:

  1. Chopok Sever in Low Tatras
  2. Parksnow Donovaly in Low Tatras
  3. Štrbské Pleso in High Tatras
  4. Skipark Ružomberok in Greater Fatra
  5. Snowparadise Veľká Rača Oščadnica in Kysucké Beskydy 
  6. Vrátna free time zone Vrátna Paseky in Lesser Fatra

Other high quality Ski Resorts in Slovakia include:

  1. Jasenská dolina in Greater Fatra
  2. Tatranská Lomnica in High Tatras
  3. Starý Smokovec in High Tatras
  4. Snowland Valcianska Valley in Lesser Fatra
  5. Roháče – Spálená in Western Tatras
  6. Ski Drienica Čergov in Lysá pri Drienici
  7. Relax Centre Plejsy in Volovské mountains
  8. Ski Kubínska hoľa at Dolný Kubín

There are ski resorts in all mountain ranges in Slovakia including: Čertovica, Fačkovské sedlo, Chopok Juh, Martinské hole, Pezinská baba, Tále, Vyšné Ružbachy, Donovaly Nová hoľa, Skalka, Ždiar-Strednica, Mýto pod Ďumbierom, etc.

Slovakia Snow Report

Before going for skiing please check the snow report in particular skiing resort in Slovakia as well as avalanche report below.

Avalanche report

Stupeň lavínového nebezpečenstva

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