Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Slovak Alphabet

Slovak alphabet contains 46 letters. It is a variation of Latin alphabet. It consists of 13 vowels and 32 consonants. 26 letters are identical with English letters, 17 letters are letters with diacritic marks (ˇ, ´, ¨, ^), 3 are digraphs.

Below is the full Slovak alphabet with sounds. Some letters have no equivalent in English pronunciation.

  A as in ugly
  Á as in party
  Ä as in mad
  B as in bell
  C as in its
  Č as in cheap
  D as in door
  Ď   soft D
  DZ   there is no equivalent English sound
  as in jealous
  E as in pet
  É as in chair
  F as in floor
  G as in get
  H as in history
  CH   soft H
  I as in insert
  Í as in free
  J as in year
  K as in kettle
  L as in lemon
  Ĺ   long L
  Ľ   soft L, rather like Luke
  M as in man
  N as in never
  Ň   soft N, rather like new
  O as in pot
  Ó as in chalk
  Ô   there is no equivalent English sound
  P as in pen
  Q as in quality
  R as in strong r
  Ŕ as in long r
  S as in strong
  Š as in shoe
  T as in travel
  Ť   soft T, rather like tube
  U as in put
  Ú as in pool
  V as in village
  W as in village
  X as in box
  Y as in insert
  Ý as in free
  Z as in zebra
  Ž as in genre

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