Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

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Squares to See in Slovakia

Pribina Square in Nitra

When visiting Nitra in Slovakia, do not miss the Pribina Square. It represents the heart of the historical town centre. It lies below the St. Emeram’s Church surrounded by historical buildings like Small and Grand Seminaries or Monastery of the Franciscan Order. It is situated just outside the entrance to the Nitra Castle, you just have to cross a gate situated next to the Region House. There are two impressive statues dominating the square: a huge bronze Statue of Prince Pribina looming in the middle of the square and a statue of Corgoň. You can also see the building of Christian Court and precious Diocesan Library.

Trojičné Square in Trnava

Trojičné Square is a romantic square in Trnava surrounded by nice cafés with terraces. You will enjoy the quiet and nice atmosphere of the sqare. Trnava City Tower with a terrace offering panoramic city view dominates the square. A Holy Trinity Statue originally from the seventeenth century towers in the middle of the Square surrounded by Renaissance Noblemen’s mansions.

Town Hall Square in Bardejov

The historical centre of Bardejov in the eastern Slovakia is represented by especially valuable Town Hall Square. It was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list.  The square is surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance Noblemen’s mansions. A Town Hall built in the sixteenth century looms in the middle of the square. Roman Catholic Parochial Church of St. Egidius, an impressive sacral building constructed in the fourteenth century, towers at the end of the Square.

Europe Place in Komárno

Europe Place is a unique representation of European countries. It lies in Komárno in southern Slovakia. Buildings surrounding the square represent different architectural styles that can be found thorough Europe. You can see many interesting buildings, each of them typical for some European country.

Holy Trinity Square and Town Hall Square in Banská Štiavnica

Historical part of Banska Stiavnica is very interesting. Squares are surrounded by Noblemen’s mansions and a stately Baroque Holy Trinity Column reminds us of the unmerciful plague. An Old Castle constructed in the thirteenth century looms over the Holy Trinity Square. Banská Štiavnica was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Hviezdoslavovo Square in Bratislava

Hviezdoslavovo Square is situated nearby the Danube River in Bratislava. It is very popular among people from Bratislava as well as among tourists visiting Slovakia.  It is lined with tram lines, surrounded by trees, banks and embellished with a fountain. It is quite long and rectangular. A historical building of the Slovak National Theatre dominates one side of the square and a statue of Slovak famous poet Pavol Orzságh Hviezdoslav looms in its centre. If you are next to the theatre and you cross the square, you will come out nearby the New Bridge and see St. Martin’s Cathedral on your right. Hviezdoslavovo Square is also connected to the Bratislava historical city centre.

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