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Central Europe


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49,035 sq km

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Transportation in Slovakia

This page provides you with complete information about our road transport  in Slovakia including Slovakia motorways, carnet fees, traffic regulations, current speed limits and distances between cities and towns.

Highways and Highway Fees

The longest motorway (D1) in Slovakia connects Bratislava with Povazska Bystrica (Bratislava – Trnava – Hlohovec - Piešťany – Nové Mesto nad Váhom - Trenčín – Považská Bystrica).

In Trnava take the R1 motorway to Nitra, although in some places not complete, leading to Banska Bystrica. The D1 motorway runs from Ruzomberok on to Poprad then via Presov to Kosice. The D2 motorway connects Bratislava and Brno across the border in the Czech Republic. Another recently opened route  now connects Bratislava with Vienna. 

To use any motorway in Slovakia there is a fee, so make sure you've got your carnet before travelling! These carnets are available at every petrol station in the country and also at some post offices. The following carnets are obtainable for vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. There are also carnets for trucks heavier than 3.5 tonnes. Once you have bought your carnet, it should be displayed on the inside of your windscreeen in a clearly visible area.

Slovakia highway vignettes prices for 2012:

Vehicles up to 3.5 tons:

Annual highway vignette – 50,00 EUR
Monthly highway vignette – 14,00 EUR
10-day highway vignette – 10,00 EUR 

Traffic Regulations and Speed Limits in Slovakia

You drive on the right in Slovakia and all vehicles are fitted with left-hand drive. Pedestrians take priority over motorists at all pedestrians crossings, whether marked with lights or not. Alcohol allowance before attempting to drive is nil. Stiff penalties face anyone contravening this law. Whilst actually driving, smoking, eating, drinking and using a mobile phone are strictly forbidden.

Daylight journeys require full headlights to be switched on in Slovakia. Child seats are compulsory in Slovakia for children up to the age of 12 or by determination of 150 cm in height. High-visibility vests are a compulsory requirement as essential equipment carried on board your car.

Current Speed Limits in Slovakia

In urban areas: 50 km per hour
On Motorways: 130 km per hour
Outside built-up areas: 90 km per hour

From 1st November 2010 on D1 between Trnava and Bratislava the speed limit is 110 km per hour.

Slovakia City Distances

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