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World Days

List of World Days and International Days celebrated in Slovakia and throughout the world.

4 January World Braille Day WBU, since 2001; on 4th January 1809 Louis Braille, creator of Braille was born, the founder of Braille Alphabet
6 January World day for War Orphans  initiated by S.O.S Enfants En Detresse
15 January World Army Day  
23 January National Day of Patriotism  
26 January International Customs Day World Customs Organization - WCO; on 26th January 1953 inaugural meeting of the Customs Co-operation Council was held , established in 1952, which was renamed in 1994 for World Customs Organization
27 January World Leprosy Day      
27 January Internet Free Day since 2001
27 January International Holocaust Remembrance Day UNGA Resolution of 1st November 2005; on 27th January 1945 the Red Army liberated the largest Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz
28 January Data Protection Day  
30 January World Martyrs Day  
2 February World Wetlands Day on 2 February 1971, Iran adopted the Ramsar Convention, the Convention on Wetlands
4 February World Cancer Day since 2002, the same day in 2000 the first World Summit Against Cancer in Paris adopted a charter against cancer - the charter rights of cancer patients
11 February World Day of the Sick declared by Pope John Paul II. in 1992 on the feast of Our Lady Lurdskej
21 February International Mother Language Day UNESCO, declared in 1999, celebrated since 2000
8 March International Women's Day United Nations, celebrated since 1975; in December 1977 UN adopted a resolution declaring the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace to be in the Member States in celebrating any day of the year in line with the historical and national traditions
15 March   World Consumer Rights Day      Consumers International, CI, since 1983
21 March World Forestry Day European Confederation of Agriculture - ECA, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO, initiated in 1971
21 March March International Day Against Racism United Nations, declared in 1966, celebrated since 1967; on 21st March 1960 the police masacre on participants of peaceful demonstration against apartheid in South Africa, Sharpeville, killed 69 people
21 March World Poetry Day UNESCO, declared in 1999, celebrated since 2000
21 March World Sleep Day International Foundation for mental health and neuroscience - IFMHN, declared in 2001
21 March World Puppetry Day UNIMA, declared in 2002
22 March World Water Day UN, initiated in 1992 at the UN Conference on Environment in Rio de Janeiro celebrates since 1993
23 March World Meteorological Day WMO, World Meteorological Organizatio. This Day commemorates the entry into force, on that date in 1950, of the WMO Convention creating the Organization
24 March World Tuberculosis Day WHO, International Union against Tuberculosis and respiratory disease - IUATLD, celebrated since 1982; on that day in 1882 R. Koch announced the discovery of Koch bacia
27 March World Theatre Day UNESCO, declared in 1961 at the initiative of the International Theater Institute - ITI, celebrated from 1962)
28 March Teachers' Day  
1 April World Migratory Bird  
2 April International Children's Book Day International organization bor children's book IBBY, declared in 1967; on 2nd April 1805 H.Ch.Andersen was born
7 April World Health Day WHO, celebrated since 1950; on 7 April 1948 World Health Organization A-WHO was founded
18 April World Heritage Day UNESCO; declared in 1983, celebrated since 1984
22 April World Earth Day celebrated since 1970 in USA
23 April World Book and Copyright Day UNESCO, declared in 1995, celebrated since 1996;
26 April World Intellectual Property Day World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, celebrated since 2001
28 April International Workers' Memorial Day International Labor Organization ILO, celebrated since 2003
29 April International Dance Day celebrated since 1982; on 29 April 1727 Jean-Georges Noverre was born, French dancer, choreographer, creator of modern ballet
1 May International Labour Day  declared in 1889 in the memory of strike of workers in Chicago in 1886. 3 people were executed and 5 senteced to 15 year in prison.
3 May World Press Freedom Day UN, UNESCO, declared in 1993, celebrated since 1994; on the day 1991 the Windhoek Declaration on promoting independent and pluralistic African press in a seminar on promoting independent and pluralistic African press was adopted
4 May International Firefighters' Day celebrated since 1999
8 May World Red Cross Day celebrated since 1953; on thar day in 1828 Swiss businessman Jean Henry Dunant, cofounder of Red Cross and the first Nobel laureate degree was born
11 May International Migratory Bird Day    
12 May International Nurses Day International Nurses Day and the International day of support for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (International Council of Nurses - ICN, celebrated since 1965; on that day in 1820 English nurse Florence Nightingale, who founded the first school for nurses in the world and itself suffered from this syndrome was born
15 May International Family Day UN; declared in 1993, celebrated since 1994
17 May World Telecommunication Day (ITU) Medzinárodná telekomunikačná únia -- ITU, oslavuje sa od 1965; v ten deň 1865 v Paríži podpísali Medzinárodný telegrafný dohovor, ktorým založili Medzinárodnú telegrafnú úniu, 1. 1. 1934 sa premenovala na Medzinárodnú telekomunikačnú úniu) International Telecommunication Union - ITU, celebrated since 1965, on that day in 1865 International Convention telegraph was adopted in Paris, as foundation of the International telegraph union, on 1st January 1934 it renamed as the International Telecommunications Union
18 May International Museum Day International Council of Museums - ICOM, declared in 1977, celebrated since 1978
20 May World Mass Media Day  
21 May World Day for Cultural Development  
22 May International Day for Biological Diversity  
25 May African Liberation Day  
25 May Missing Children's Day  
27 May Deň bez mobilov  
31 May World No Tobacco Day (WHO  
1 June International Children's Day  
4 June International Day Of Innocent  
4 June World Children Victims of Aggression  
5 June World Environment Day (UNEP)  
8 June World Oceans Day  
8 June World Brain Tumour Day  
14 June World Blood Donor Day,  
17 June World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought  
20 June World Refugee Day  
21 June World Music Day  
26 June Anti Drug Day  
26 June National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism  
27 June World Diabetes Day  
11 July World Population Day UNFPA
9 August International Day of the World's Indigenous People  
12 August International Youth Day  
13 August Left Handers Day   
23 August International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition UNESCO
26 August Women's Equality Day     
8 Sepember International Literacy Day UNESCO
8 Sepember   World Rabies Day   
11 Sepember World First Aid Day     
14 Sepember International Cross-Cultural Day  
16 Sepember Ozone Day  
21 Sepember International Day For Peace  
22 Sepember World Rose Day  
22 Sepember Word Car Free Day   
26 Sepember   European Day of Languages      
27 Sepember World Tourism Day    
28 Sepember     World Heart Day      
1 October World Elders Day  
1 October World Vegetarian Day    
2 October International Day of Non-Violence   
4 October      World Animal Day  
5 October World Teachers Day (UNESCO)  
8 October   World Humanitarian Action Day    
9 October World Post Day (UPU)  
10 October World Mental Health Day  
14 October World Standards Day    
16 October World Food Day (FAO)  
17 October      International Day for the Eradication of Poverty  
24 October     United Nations Day  
24 October   World Development Information Day,  
1 November      World Vegan Day     
6 November    International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict  
8 November   World Quality Day   
9 November World Freedom Day      
10 November World Science Day  
14 November World Kindness Day  
16 November International Day for Tolerance and Peace UNESCO
17 November International Students Day   
19 November World Toilet Day  
19 November Prevention of Child Abuse
20 November Child Rights Day (UNICEF)  
20 November   Africa Industrialization Day  
21 November World Television Day  
21 November     International Philosophy Day (UNESCO)  
21 November     World Hello Day      
23 November World Mother-in-Law's Day   
25 November - International Day on Violence against Women  
29 November International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People  
30 November International Computer Security Day  
1 December (WHO) - World aids day  
2 Dec World Pollution Prevention Day   
2 December    World Handicap Day, Black Day for the Blind   
2 December International Day for the Abolition of Slavery  
3 December World Disabled Day  
5 Dec International Volunteer Day  
7 December (ICAO) - International Civil Aviation Day  
9 December The International Day against Corruption  
10 December World Human Rights Day  
18 December International Migrants Day  
20 December International Human Solidarity Day   
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