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Airports in Slovakia

To reach or leave Slovakia by air, visitors can fly to or from M.R. Stefanik Bratislava International Airport, Vienna International Airport, Prague International Airport, or Budapest Feryhegy International Airport. The Poprad Airport in Slovakia serves the passengers vacationing in the mountains while another small Žilina Airport offers regular flights to Prague.

M.R. Stefanik Bratislava Airport – Bratislava Vajnory

Distance from Bratislava: 9 kilometres/5.6 miles

Slovakia main airport, the M.R. Stefanik International Airport, located 9 kilometres northeast of Bratislava, offers both regular and charter flights. Transatlantic and transpacific flights require transfer at international airports. Charter flights are seasonal and serve passengers travelling to tourist destinations such as Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, etc. Slovakia Travel agencies schedule charter flights to accommodate group travel; however, an individual can book a charter flight as well.

Getting to/Leaving from M.R. Stefanik Bratislava Airport

By public transportation: Bus Nr. 61 and the night bus Nr. N 61 operating between M.R.Stefanik Airport and the Main Train Station. A bus leaves from Mlynske Nivy during the day (every hour-two hours) as well.

You can also rent a car at the airport. The exchange facility  is located at the terminal B and the terminal C, and the ATM machines at the terminals A, B, and C. Public phones accepting coins and calling cards can be found throughout the departure terminal A as well as at the arrival terminal B. Read more about Airport Transfer in Slovakia.

For more information call +421 2 3303 6261.

Kosice International Airport

Distance from Kosice:  6 kilometres/3.7 miles
Distance from Bratislava: 400 kilometres/248 miles

The Kosice International Airport is located in the east part of Slovakia, approximately 6 kilometres south of Kosice.
Scheduled flights connect the city of Kosice with Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Poprad-Tatry, Dublin, and London-Luton, and the charter flights are also available. Kosice airport is accessible via public transportation. Bus Nr. 23 operates from the train station daily with no night service. 

Taxi cab fees range between 0,66 - 0,89 EUR per kilometre.

Poprad-Tatry International Airport

Distance from Poprad: 6 kilometres/3.7 miles
Distance from Bratislava: 320 kilometres/199 miles

Slovakia Poprad -Tatry International Airport is located in northern Slovakia, in the midst of the national parks. Tatry winter sports centre and the centre of summer tourism are located near the Poprad airport. Direct flights from Slovakia, Poprad Airport to London are available for passengers travelling from Poprad -Tatry Airport. Since public transportation does not provide service to the airport, the passengers must get to the airport by car (parking is free of charge) or a taxi cab. You will pay approximately 3,31 - 4,97 EUR for a taxi ride to the centre of Poprad. Or, rent a car from a rental shop at the Popra - Tatry airport.

Žilina Airport

Distance from the Žilina town: 12 km / 7.4 miles

Žilina International Airport is a regional airport in the area of northwest Slovakia. Located 12 km from the town of Žilina – towards Bratislava, Dolný Hričov village.

Regular flights via Prague to worldwide destinations are provided by Czech Airlines twice a day (Saturdays and Sundays only once a day). The Žilina Airport is largely used for irregular flights of business and private aircrafts.

Public transport is provided by Žilina city bus services. Taxis are also available or you can rent a car. If For private cars, parking at the airport free of charge.

For more info: +421 41 5068100

Vienna International Airport

Distance From Vienna: 15 kilometres/9 miles
Distance From Bratislava: 50 kilometres/31 miles

You can reach Slovakia also via Vienna Airport. The Vienna International Airport is located in Schwechat, approximately 15 kilometres southeast of Vienna and 50 kilometres west of Bratislava. Bus service operates between the airport and Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Brno, and Kosice. Taxi cabs and rental cars are also available to take you from Vienna Airport to Slovakia and back. Vienna Airport offers a vast array of national and international flights including continental, transatlantic, and transpacific flights. It will take you approximately an hour to get to Bratislava from Swechat.

Prague International Airport

Distance from Prague: 16 kilometres/10 miles
Distance from Bratislava: 330 kilometres/205 miles

Another possibility how to reach Slovakia is via Czech Republic. Prague International Airport has three terminals: T1 and T2 for flights operating between the non-Schengen countries and T3 for flights operating in the general airspace. To travel to Slovakia, Prague Airport offers flight services to Kosice and Bratislava. You can also take advantage of travelling by a fast train or by bus.

Prague Airport Transportation

You can get to Prague International Airport from the train or bus station in about an hour and pay approximately 700 Kc for the bus or train ticket. Public transportation-Bus 100 and Bus 119 are also available. Taxi stand is located in front of the airport hall; the initial fee is 40 Kc and you will pay 28Kc per kilometre. The minibus company Airport Cars provides transportation for passengers for the fees ranging from 150-980 Kc for 1-4 persons. The minibus usually reaches the airport from the train station in about 30 minutes.

Prague Airport Destinations

The Prague International Airport offers connections to all European countries. The flights operate between Prague Airport and 16 airports in Great Britain, 9 airports in Italy, 4 airports in Slovakia, and 4 French airports, just to name a few. Other popular destinations include Tunisia, Russia, Asian countries, as well as transatlantic direct flights to Toronto, Montreal, or New York.

Budapest Feryhegy International Airport

Distance from Budapest: 16 kilometres/10 miles southeast of the city
Distance from Bratislava: 210 kilometres/130 miles

If you want to travel to Slovakia via Budapest airport, from Bratislava, Budapest International Airport is accessible by taxi and by public transportation-Bus Nr. 93 stops at Kőbánya - Kispest Metro Station. International flights leave from the Terminal Ferihegy II.

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