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tourists beware by lorraine (2011-06-25)
BEWARE Slovakia is infested with thieves who steal from tourists by stalking them in groups and waiting for the right moment. When my bag was stolen the police station was full with people reporting groups of gypsies who had stolen everything and the police can't keep up with the problem. Do not go until the country solves the problem.
Terchova-Mala Fatra-Orava by Zuzana (2008-09-23)
Me and my family decided to spend a couple of days in the beautiful Orava Region. We took a gondola from Vratna Dolina up to the Chleb Mt, the views were gorgeous! We went for a short, about 2 hour-hike in Mala Fatra Range, a trail called Janosikove diery. There were some ladders we had to climb, but it was a lot of fun! Not far from Terchova, there is a town called Oravsky Podzamok, where we took a ride on a wooden raft down the Orava river. Next time we go to Orava, I want to make sure we spend more than 2 days! There is a lot more to do and see there....Love Slovakia!!!
Slovak Paradise and Tatras by Vlado (2008-09-23)
I spend my holiday this year in Slovakia (in Low and High Tatras and in Slovak Paradise). I really appreciate the level of services in this beautiful part of my country - not only accommodation, but tourist information, bike rentals, restaurants and cultural life in Poprad, too. I visited Tomasikovsky vyhlad in Slovak paradise with great view. Be sure, that it is perfect hike and you will sleep well hole night :) Next day we went from Strbske Pleso to Solisko. All of us were fascinated by authentic nature in TANAP and we took many photos. I hope, that I will come back one time.
Pieniny by eva (2008-09-13)
I visited Pieniny National Park this summer. This place is really interesting. I floated the Dunajec River on wooden rafts (Cerveny Klastor -Northern Slovakia). In my opinion this is a good trip for children, too. Pieniny are close to High Tatras (about 50 km).
Holidays in Slovakia Mountains by Anna (2008-08-26)
Drive up to Tatras in northern part of Slovakia as a base for your holiday trips. The scenery in the mountains, both High Tatras and Low Tatras spectacular. Vysoke Tatry is a good centre for accommodation. Or you can use Poprad or Liptovsky Mikulas which gives you opportunity to explore both mountain ranges as well as medieval towns around Poprad, such as Levoca, Kezmarok or Bardejov in Easter Slovakia.


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