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Spa and Wellness in Slovakia

Kúpele Piešťany Kúpele Piešťany

Piestany Spa

Spa Piestany are a well known spa in Slovakia with very long tradition. It is located in Piestany, a city lying on a highway leading from Bratislava to Trencin in Western Slovakia. The Piestany Spa and hotels are situated close to the Vah River, where usually anchor pleasure boats. In case you have some health problems, you can choose a curative and healing program. Different kinds of relaxation and regeneration procedures are also available. Piestany Spa offers special curative programs for example: beauty and vitality package for women and management prophylaxis package, etc.

Distance from Bratislava: 84km (52mi)

Health and Therapy

Curative stays are great for people suffering by locomotive system problems. Piestany Spa stays include an initial physician’s medical examination necessary for arranging a suitable treatment as well as a complete final examination with further recommendations. Unique thermal mineral water and healing sulphurous mud are used for all treatments in Piestany Spa. On average, it is about 24 treatments per week. Other therapies, massages, rehabilitations, etc. are also available in Piestany Spa in Slovakia. All guests in Piestany Spa have free entrance to the swimming pool, fitness centre and energy path.

Relax and Wellness

Piestany Spa offers many curative and relaxing treatments in combination with sports activities. You can play golf, tennis, have a massage, relax in sauna, take part in some cultural event or have a look around the city. Resting and relaxing, you will get rid of all the stress. Piestany Spa guests can enjoy: comfortable accommodation with half board, swimming pool, hydro therapy, fitness centre, whirlpool, hydro massages, oxygen therapy or baths in mineral carbonic and mineral thermal waters. Wellness treatments include for example anti-cellulite massages, relaxing aromatherapy massages, etc.

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