Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Water parks in Slovakia

Water Parks and Swimming Pools in Slovakia

There are several new water parks in Slovakia country and more are about to come. Beside water parks, Slovakia has many outdoor swimming pools and almost every Slovak city has its own indoor swimming pool which you can visit on your Slovakia holidays. In water parks, you have got both options of swimming. In the outdoor areas there are pools, spirals, refreshment stands, grass fields for sunbathing and deckchairs. In indoor areas there are other pools, mostly with facilities, where you can buy food. Here are also deckchairs where you can take a rest. These water parks are somehow a combination of indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools and are very favourite places for visiting during holidays in Slovakia.

Outdoor swimming pool is a complex of many swimming pools. In case of bad weather, swimming is not possible. In water parks, you do not have to worry about the weather. Slovakia water parks are mostly opened for the whole year and in case of bad weather and in winter, there is always an option of indoor swimming, relaxing and having fun. Each water park in Slovakia is on high level, provides many types of services, and has got many indoor and outdoor pools, warm water in pools and offers many water attractions to tourists.

Indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pools are much less expensive than water parks. It is because in water parks you have got comfortable indoor and outdoor pools and many types of services and therefore the prices are higher. The difference between water parks and swimming pools is mostly in its size. In Slovakia, there are small and there are also very big water parks, which have different number of pools and spirals. Some Slovakia water parks have got thermal water or mineral water from healing springs and others use the tap water. It is up to you in which of them you decide to spend your Slovakia holidays.

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