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Mass media in Slovakia

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Television in Slovakia

There are several TV companies in Slovakia. There is one state TV called Slovak Television (Slovenská Televízia) broadcasting on two changes, 1 (jednotka) and 2 (dvojka). Inhabitants of Slovakia pay for this TV concession fee. Movies on this TV channels are not interrupted with advertisements.

Commercial television companies / channels in Slovakia:


Markiza has been operating in Slovakia since 1996. It has two channels Markiza and TV Doma. It offers TV series, movies, talk shows, competitions, shows, advertisements and more.


Joj and Plus offers TV series, movies, talk shows, competitions, shows, advertisements and more.TA3


TA 3 �?news


Noe is a catholic TV
Regional TV: in various towns and cities there are regional TV companies
Television broadcasting in Slovakia is digital broadcasting received by antenna or a satellite dish. There are several companies offering cable TV in Slovakia. Cable TV in Slovakia provides number of channels including not only Slovak channels but also foreign channels including Czech and English.


There are several weekly and daily newspapers in Slovakia. The best known newspapers include daily newspapers Sme, Pravda, Nový čas, Hospodárske noviny, Národná obroda, Šport, Plus jeden deň, Avízo. The best known weekly newspapers include My, Katolícke noviny, Bratislavské noviny, Trend and some regional newspapers.

News Agency of the Slovak Republic provides online daily news in English. New scan be redelivered by email. Daily newspapers offer online news in Slovak and English on their websites.

You can buy Newspapers early in the morning at news agents, markets or supermarkets. In Bratislava, you can buy also English and other foreign newspapers or you can get it delivered to your house. Magazines

There are various types of magazines in Slovakia.
Health magazines: Zdravie, Harmónia, Vitalita
Housing magazines: Dom, byt, záhrada, Pekné bývanie
Magazines with TV program: Eurotelevízia, Markíza, Telemagazín
Lifestyle magazines: Slovenka, Život, Plus 7 dní, Markíza
Kids magazines: Vrabček, , Macko Pusík, Šikovníček, Zornička
Women’s magazines: Ženský magazín, Dorka, Katka, Moderná žena, Nový čas pre ženy, Rodina, Eva, Emma, Báječná žena
About kids: Mamina, Dieťa, Mama a ja
Other specialized magazines: Záhradkár (gardening), Poľovníctvo a rybolov (hunting and fishing), PC revue, PC space, Týždeň, Dobré jedlo (Food), Šarm (fashion)

Radio stations

FUN radio - Bratislava, 02/524 94 626, 02/524 91 375
Express Radio - Bratislava; every 20 minutes traffic information
Amtena Hit Radio - Bratislava, 02/59 30 30 30; plays only Czech and Slovak music
Jemne melodie - Bratislava, more music
Lumen Radio - Banska Bystrica, Catholic radio
Beta Radio - Bojnice, 046/540 30 33
Radio Slovakia �?02 57273 734/731, broadcasting on different frequencies specializing in: Slovak, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish
Slovensky Rozhlas �?news
Regina Radio �?towns and cities
Devin Radio �?cultural
Radio FM �?music
Patria Radio �?for minorities living in Slovakia
Radio Tatras International - English/Slovak radio station in Slovakia

Internet in Slovakia

Internet is available in every city and village in Slovakia, however in some villages you can only connect via dial-up connection. In every town city and many villages you can get ADSL connection. Prices for ADSL connections are from 399 SKK per month. You can use dial-up internet without monthly fees if you buy a prepaid card. Internet connection fees are different for different ISPs.

Internet Services Providers in Slovakia - ISP:

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