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49,035 sq km

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Region Bratislava region
Location souteast of Slovakia
Inhabitants 428,672
River Danube river
Sídlo Prezident, Vláda, Parlament SR
City parts Čunovo, Devín, Devínska Nová Ves, Dúbravka, Jarovce, Karlova Ves, Lamač, Nové Mesto, Petržalka, Podunajské Biskupice, Rača, Rusovce, Ružinov, Staré Mesto, Vajnory, Vrakuňa, Záhorská Bystrica

Bratislava is the capital city of the Slovak Republic. In years 1536 till 1848 Bratislava was the capital of Hungarian Monarchy. In years 1939 till 1945 it was the capital of Slovak Republic. When in 1993 an independent Slovak Republic was declared, Bratislava became its capital again. Bratislava is situated in South-western part of the country at the borders with Austria and close to Hungarian borders, lying at the foothills of the Little Carpathians Mountains. In the southern part of Bratislava, you will find 439 mete high mount Kamzik with television transmission tower. The Danube River crosses the Bratislava city and divides it into northern and southern parts. Danubian lowland stretch into Bratislava in the eastern and western parts, Zahorie lowland in the north-eastern part. Bratislava is situated in the driest and hottest part of Slovakia.

Slovakia joined Schengen Zone on 21th December 2007 and thus being a European Union citizen you can visit Slovakia freely without any delays at the borders. Bratislava has a strategic location and is an important  business and economic centre. With its rich history, historical places, culture and art, Bratislava is at the same time one of the most interesting Slovakia cities. While visiting Bratislava, do not miss to visit Bratislava historical centre, Bratislava castle, Devin castle, ZOO or cinema and theatre performance. You may take a boat trip to Devin castle, Hungary or or the Austrian metropolis Vienna. As Bratislava is also a cultural centre, there is a chance that you meet famous Slovak actors or pop-stars, or attend concerts and other interesting performances.  Bratislava is the right place for your holiday and spending some enjoyable time with your family or friends.  

Vienna Bratislava 65 km
Vienna Airport Bratislava 50 km
Budapešť Bratislava 200 km
Prague Bratislava 350 km

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