Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Slovak Postal services

There is a post office in every town and village in Slovakia. Most post offices are open during the week from Monday to Friday, in towns and cities also on Saturdays. Opening hours can vary for different post offices. There are post office branches in some supermarkets in Slovakia. Postal services in Slovakia are of a very good quality.

Prices of Slovakia postal services:

Within Slovakia:
Letter: 10 SKK /0,33 EUR
1st class letter: 16 SKK /0,53 EUR
1st class registered letter: 31 SKK /1,02 EUR
Registered letter: 25 SKK /0,82 EUR
2nd class package up to 2 kg: 49 SKK /1,62 EUR
1st class package upto2 kg: 69 SKK /2,29 EUR

International postal services:
1st class letter to neighbouring countries: 20 SKK /0,66 EUR
1st class letter to other European Countries: 23 SKK /0,76 EUR
1st class letter to other countries: 25 SK /0,82 EUR

It is important to write the address of the recipient correctly, in the bottom right place of the envelope, aligned to the left. Every town and village of Slovakia has its own unique postal code, Slovak cities usually have more than one postal code, usually one postal code for every city area. Postal codes of Slovakia are easily accessible at Post Offices or Internet.

Address format:

Name and Surname
Street, number
Postal Code, City/village


Anna Nováková
Ul. Poštová 2222

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