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Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

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Other Significant Places of Interest in Bratislava and Its Suburbs

Franciscan Church and a Monastery

Location Bratislava, Franciscan Square, historic district/centre

A historically significant site, the Franciscan Church was constructed in the 13th century and consecrated in the presence of King Andrew III. It is the city’s oldest sacred monument. Hungarian nobles were knighted here, and it was also in the Franciscan Church where the Hungarian Diet elected Ferdinand I. King of Hungary in 1526.

Mirbach Palace

Location Bratislava, Franciscan Square, historic district/centre

A stunning Rococo palace was built between 1768 and 1770. The Mirbach Palace currently hosts a gallery with Baroque exhibits and holds various art exhibitions.


Location Bratislava, Palacky Street, historic district/centre

The Reduta building (1911-1915) is the seat of the Slovak National Philharmonic Orchestra. Ball dances and other social events have been taking place at the Reduta for years.

Blue Church

Location Bratislava, Bezruc Street

The Blue Church, consecrated in 1913, immediately attracts the visitors’ attention because of its blue facade. Nowadays it is a popular place for weddings, especially those of celebrities.

Slovak Radio Building – An Upside-down Pyramid

Location Bratislava, Mytna Street

The Slovak Radio Building (61 m), located on Mytna Street, can be easily recognized by its upside-down pyramid shape.

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