Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


The Primatial Palace

The Primatial Palace and St. George’s Fountain

Location Bratislava, Primatial Square, historic district

The Primatial Palace was built in the years of 1778-1781. Presently the palace functions as the seat of the Governor of Bratislava.  The Pressburg Peace Treaty between Austria and France was signed in the palace’s Hall of Mirrors in 1805. Today various concerts take place in the same hall. St. George’s Fountain can be found in the courtyard of the Primatial Palace. Saint George, a knight, is believed to have battled a dragon. A legend has it that it was St. George who  saved a virgin Dubravka from the claws of the dragon and eventually married her. The Primatial Palace also hosts the gallery with a collection of English Tapestries.

Opening Hours - Gallery
Tuesday – Sunday : 10 am - 5 pm

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