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Travel Guide: Bratislava’s Historic District - Discovering the City‘s Majestic Architectural Sights

Walking Tour

The historical centre of Bratislava is located in the Old City part. Its heart comprises of St. Michael’s Gate, the Main Square, and the Primatial Palace. You may wish to start a walking tour from the Blue Church on Bezruc Street. From there keep walking until you reach Dostoyevsky rad. Here turn right facing the Safarik Square and the Old Bridge. You will find yourself right in front of the Comenius University. Continue through the Fajnorske nabrezie behind the University where you should spot the marina with private boats. Soon you will get to the Stur Square and Mostova Street will lead you to the pleasant Hviezdoslav Square dominated by the charming Slovak National Theatre. Here you will also see the impressive Carlton Hotel. Sit down on one of the benches and rest a while.

To see the Reduta, the seat of the Slovak National Philharmonic, make a right turn at Palacky Street before you reach the Hviezdoslav Square. Palacky Street will take you right back to the familiar Hviezdoslav Square.  Then you can continue onto the Rudnay Square with the historically significant St. Martin’s Cathedral. The Venturska Street will lead you yet to another historical building of the Academia Istropolitana, the seat of VSMU. From there walk down Zelena Street to the Main Square. Here you can admire the Old City Hall and the Maximilian Fountain.

The Primatial Square located northeast of the Main Square boasts the Primatial Palace with St. George’s Fountain. When you go back to the Main Square and continue to the Franciscan Square, you will have an opportunity to see the Franciscan Church and the Mirbach Palace. Leaving the Franciscan Square, stumble into a picturesque alley called White and soon you will spot lovely Michalska Street. Michalska Street will lead you to St. Michael’s Gate where you will forget about the city noise.  Michalska Street merges with Venturska Street. If you decide not to visit the Franciscan Square, you can continue from the Primatial Palace directly to St. Michael’s Gate and the tower. Pass through St. Michael’s Gate, across the Hurban Square, and the crossroads until you reach the Hodza Square with the impressive Grassalkovich or Presidential Palace.

How to Reach the Places of Interest in Bratislava:

  1. By car: You can park at several paid parking lots located a short distance from the historical centre: Ursulinska Street (underground garage, 60 SKK/hour), Mostova Street, Palacky Street (underground garage, 60 SKK/h), Veterna Street (30 SKK/h), Rajska Street-next to Tesco supermarket (60 SKK/h).
  2. By bus: Get off at the Mlynske Nivy bus station (the last stop) and walk down Karadzic Street and Dostoyevsky rad to Bezrucova Street. Or, take a taxi cab-they are available at the bus station.
  3. By train: We recommend you use public transportation or a taxi cab from the train station.
    The tram Nr. 13 will get you to the historic centre (get off at the Stur Square stop).
  4. by plane: take a taxi cab or use public transportation (the bus Nr. 61)
  5. by boat: get off right at the heart of the historic centre on the Fajnorske Square
  6. The trolley stops as well as bus stops are located a short distance from the historic centre: every stop displays schedules and route description:
    • 1, 7, 13 -the SNP Square stop
    • 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 – The Ludovit Stur Square stop
    • Bus Nr. 50- The Safarik Square Stop
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