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The Calvary in Nitra

The Calvary is situated on one of the city hills. You can visit there Virgin Mary´s Assumption Church and Mission House of the Mother of God, which serves as the seat of the Company of God´s Word (SVD) and the Missionary Museum. Walking along twelve little chapels you will get to the top of the hill, where are three big crosses symbolizing the sculpture of Crucifixion. The way to the top is not too long, so you can go there with your children, older people or walk pushing a baby buggy. It is worth all the effort because when you get to the top, which is 87.2 yard higher than the territory around the hill, you will see beautiful panorama of the city and surrounding mountain ranges: Tríbeč with its last mountain Zobor, Vtáčnik, Kolíňany hill and Pohronský Inovec.

Annually, on the holy day of Virgin Mary´s Assumption and of Sts. Constantine-Cyril and Methodius take place on the Calvary Christian pilgrimages. Pilgrimages along the chapels to the top of the hill, called also the Way of the Cross, take place during the Lent season and the holy day of Our Lady of Sorrows.

The Calvary is situated close to the Bus and Train station, on the Kalvárska Street. You can see it even from the centre of the town. Nearby, on the place where meet Stračia Street, Kraskova Street and Kasalova Street is Lurdy cave, which serves as a chapel.

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