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Nitra, at the moment the 5th biggest Slovakia city and a regional capital, is a well-situated modern city.  Like the famous Rome in Italy, Nitra was founded on seven hills. Currently it is the seat of Slovak Science Academy and two universities: Slovak Agricultural University and Constantine the Philosopher University.

Nitra city is an important economic centre with many factories, a prosperous chemical industry producing plastic products, and traditionally well developed agriculture and food-processing industries producing for example vines and beer.

Nitra, also called the mother of Slovak cities, is an important historical city and the beginnings of its settlement go back as far as the prehistoric times.

You can see here not only many historical monuments and visit three theatres, but it is also a place of different cultural events and expositions. Agrokomplex, the biggest exhibition area in Slovakia, is the venue of regular annual international fairs and exhibitions as are for example the exhibition of cars, furniture, dogs or agricultural machines.

Nitra is well known by its great number of impressive sacral monuments. Nitra Castle that rises above the city on the Castle Hill, is together with the complex of historical buildings on Pribina Square lying around the castle, one of the most important monuments. In front of the Castle entrance towers the Marian Sculpture (Black Death Column) created on request of Bishop Esterhazy in 1750. Diocesan Library situated in the building of the Grand Seminary is also very interesting.

In Upper Town we can find many sculptures of famous historical heroes. In the middle of Pribina Square, just under the Castle, looms the Statue of Prince Pribina holding a big sword. Another impressive statue on the Square is Corgoň, who is holding on his shoulders a wall of the corner of Canon House. The legend says that Corgoň was a very strong blacksmith, who lived in times of Turkish invasion, and today is called after him the Slovak well-known beer produced in the city´s brewery. In the park lying under the Castle towers we can find the Sts. Constantine-Cyril and Methodius Sculpture. Before the entrance to Pibina Square you will find the Region House housing the Nitra Gallery, and the Sts. Peter and Paul Church and Monastery of the Franciscan Order, built in 1630, situated on the beginning of the Square. The city park with an aviary with fallow-deer in Sihoť is just under the Castle Hill and it is a great place for children to play. The winter and football stadium are situated just next to the city park.

When you are visiting Nitra city you should also see the Calvary, a hill giving one of the most impressive city views. It is also the place of Christian pilgrimages. Once it was even visited by Pope John Paul II. Nitra has many churches, usually built on little hills, so they are visible from a great distance.

The pedestrian zone is on Štefánikova Street. You will find here many shops, banks, hotels and restaurants, and nearby is the city´s swimming pool. Walking down Štefánikova Street you find the impressive building of the Theatre of Andrej Bagar, famous by its annual festival called Theatrical Nitra.

Nitra has many institutions that cater for the arts such as the Ponitrianske Museum, the Slovak Agricultural Museum, Nitra Gallery and the Missionary Museum in Calvary.

You can spend your time in Nitra visiting historical sites, theatres, cinemas, relax-shopping centres Max and N-Centro (N-Centre), relax in one of the city restaurants, or you can go for a nice walk to the Calvary. More demanding visitors can relax on mountain tour climbing up the tourist path leading just to the top of the Zobor Mountain, from where they can see the whole Nitra with its surroundings.

Transportation in Nitra

Walking around the centre, you can easily visit most of the historical monuments, but you can also use your car or the city public bus transport. City Bus Station and Train Station are very close to the Calvary and just about 20 minutes walking from the centre, but you can take the bus if you want to. Zobor is about 4 kilometres from the station, so it is better to go there by bus. You can also take the little Tourist train that lines the city from spring until the autumn (31.10.)

Places to see in Nitra

Nitra Castle
Pribina Square
The Calvary in Nitra
Mount Zobor
Pedestrian Zone with Theatre and Museum

History of Nitra

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