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Pribina Square in Nitra

Pribina Square, one of the most beautiful historical parts of the city, is situated just before the entrance to the Castle. As you are walking up from the main gate in the Region House Square, on the beginning of the Square, on your right side you can see the Sts. Peter and Paul Church and the Monastery of the Franciscan Order whose construction finished in 1630. Further on the right stands the Diocesan Charity and the Small Seminary dated to 1884. It is the place of studies and education of future priests. Very interesting is the statue of Corgoň holding on his shoulders a wall on the corner of the Kluch´s Palace. According to the legend he was a strong blacksmith, who saved the city from Turkish invasion throwing big hot stones on them. When they saw his black dirty face and huge strong hands, they got scared and run away. The Upper Town (the Square and the Castle) has been promulgated a National Historical Monument of Slovakia.

On your left side you can see the building of the Grand Seminary constructed in 18th century. As the seat of the Theological Institute of the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of Comenius University in Bratislava, it is the place of studies and education of future priest. Since 1877, when it was opened in the presence of the Austrian emperor, part of the building serves as the Diocesan Library.
In the middle of the Square stands 21.6 foot tall bronze Statue of Prince Pribina holding a sword, made by well-known Slovak sculptor Tibor Bartfay. Pribina was Slavic king famous for his idea to build and consecrate the first Christian church on the Slovak territory. The building of the seat of the ecclesiastical court is just behind the Pribina´s Statue.

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