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Greek Catholic Church in Slovakia

Greek Catholic Church belongs to Church Byzantine-Slavonic rite. Geek Catholic Church is the third largest Church in Slovakia of 4.1% population. Rite and spirituality are identical with Orthodox Church, however the attitude towards Roman Pope are different. The church is in full communion with the Catholic Church and Bishop of Rome, the Pope. Each member of the Catholic Church can receive the sacraments and attend the services in Greek Catholic Church. There is a difference in divine services. The Mass in Greek Catholic Church is typically very long. The purpose is to be with God and identify oneself with the celebrated mystery of God. Spiritual life of Greek Catholics is very strong connected with the prayer of the church while private prayers are not as important as it is in the Catholic Church.

The main aspect of the liturgy is celebration and thanksgiving expressed by singing, decorations, and loftiness of the services. The churches are full of decorations and icons, singing is present throughout the whole services, and fasting is much stricter than in Roman Catholic Church. The main aim of the icon is contemplation of God through the portrayed mystery, statues are not used in the Byzantine Rite due to very strong influence of the Old Testament. Greek Catholics eat and drink both the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion unlike Roman Catholics. Priests of Geek Catholic Church are not celibate, they are allowed to get married. Greek Catholic Church has its own law of the church.

Most Greek Catholic population live in the Eastern part of Slovakia. There are a few parishes in the Western and Central part of Slovakia. Greek Catholic Church in Slovakia is divided into:

Greek Catholic Church in Slovakia is divided into:

Greek Catholic Bishops in Slovakia:

Bratislava eparchy – Bratislava eparcha Mons. Peter Rusnák
Košice eparchy – Košice eparcha Mons. Milan Chautur
Prešov archbishopric: archbishop Mons. Ján Babjak

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