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Roman Catholic Church in Slovakia

68.9% of Christians in Slovakia belong to Roman Catholic Church or Latin Catholic Church of Roman Rite.
Slovakia is divided into eight dioceses.  

Western province of Roman Catholic Church:

Eastern province of Roman Catholic Church:

Dioceses of Roman Catholic Church of Slovakia are then divided into deaneries and parishes. There are more than one thousand parishes in Slovakia. Parishes are in the charge of a parish priest, dioceses are in the charge of a bishop, archdioceses are in the charge of an archbishop. The highest representative of Roman Catholic Church is the Pope as the spiritual leader and bishop of Rome.

Who can become a priest of Roman Catholic Church: a single baptised man with a University degree of catholic theology and minimum 25 years old. Priests are incardinated by bishops. In Roman Catholic Church the priest must be celibate refraining them from marriage.

The teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are derived from Holy Bible or Sacred Scriptures and Sacred Tradition. The legal system in Catholic Church is called Canon Law. Ecclesiastical court is governed by the Code of Canon Law. The Catholic education is included in Catechism.

Catholic Church Beliefs:

The basic facts of Catholic religion are included in Ten Commandments or Decalogue

Ten Commandments/Decalogue

Seven sacraments of Latin Catholic Church

Catholic Church in Slovakia has pre-schools, basic schools, secondary schools, grammar schools, universities and theological seminaries. In every basic schools and secondary schools in Slovakia students are obliged to choose to attend either Religion or Ethics.

There is a catholic radio broadcasting, radio Lumen, a few Catholic magazines and weekly Newspapers Katolicke Noviny. There is catholic publishing and line of book stores called St. Adalbert Association (Spolok Svätého Vojtecha) and Luc in Slovakia. There is a church in every village, usually more than one church in every town. Masses are hold every day, Sunday Masses are obligatory. Except for Sundays, there are feasts of obligation when Catholics are obliged to attend Mass. Some religions holidays are at the same time public holiday in Slovakia. Easter is the biggest Catholic holiday as commemorate the Crucifixion and death of Christ.

Feasts of obligation of Latin Catholic Church in Slovakia

1 Jan - Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
6 Jan – the Epiphany
Thursday 40th day after Easter Sunday  - the Ascension
Thursday after Trinity Sunday - the Body and Blood of Christ
June 29 - Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles
Aug 15 - the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Nov 1 – All Saints
Dec 8 - the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Dec 25 – Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ
all Sundays

Catholics in Slovakia practice their religion. They attend Masses regularly and gather on pilgrimages. There are a few pilgrimages in Slovakia including Šaštín, Topoľčianky, Topoľčany or Nitra. There are several monasteries and Catholic charities in Slovakia.

Roman Catholic Bishops in Slovakia:

Bratislava diocese – archbishop Mons. Stanislav Zvolenský
Trnava archdiocese – archbishop Mons. Ján Sokol
Nitra diocese – diocese bishop Mons. Viliam Judák
Žilina diocese – diocese bishop Mons. Tomáš Galis
Banska Bystrica diocese - diocese bishop Mons. Rudolf Baláž
Košice diocese – archbishop Mons. Alojz Tkáč
Spiš diocese –  diocese bishop Mons. František Tondra
Rožňava diocese – diocese bishop Mons. Eduard Kojnok

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