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Sacral Monuments in Slovakia

St. Martin’s Cathedral in Bratislava

This Gothic historical monument is situated at the Rudnay Square in Bratislava.  The Cathedral lies on the western border of the historical city centre below the Castle and nearby the New Bridge. Once the Kingdom of Hungary’s coronation church, it is now one of the finest churches in Bratislava. Until today its tower shelters a golden royal crown.

St. Nicolas’ Cathedral

Trnava can be proud not only of its well-preserved city fortification system but also of a Late – Gothic basilica, originally from the 15th century. It is an impressive building with two towers looming over the St.Nicolas Square. The basilica, clearly visible from a great distance, is one of Trnava’s greatest symbols. It lies in the town centre, surrounded by the city fortification.

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral

If you are looking for an architectural marvel, you will love St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral in Košice. It is located at the Main Square. Being one of the most impressive Cathedrals in Slovakia, it is really worth to see it.

St. Emeram’s Cathedral in Nitra

St. Emeram’s Cathedral is the oldest diocesan church in Slovakia. Since 1880 it serves as the Bishop’s seat. It has three parts: Upper and Lower Churches and St. Emeram’s Church. The St. Emeram’s Church constructed in the 11th and the 12th centuries forms the oldest part of the Cathedral. Its golden altar shelters precious relics of St. Svorad and Benedict. It lies within the Nitra Castle’s area, just above the Pribina Square. Some regard the Cathedral to be the first Catholic church built by Prince Pribina.

Červený Kláštor  (Red Monastery)

Location: Eastern Slovakia, Červený Kláštor Village
The Red Monastery lies in the Pieniny Mountains, nearby Dunajec River in eastern Slovakia. It was established in 1319. The monastery used to be the home to two religious orders of enclosed monastics- Carthusians and Camaldolesians. Camaldolesian monks came to the monastery in the 18th century. Nowadays you can admire the wall paintings embellishing the chapel and a renovated monk house with a pharmaceutical exhibition of Friar Cyprian who was a popular botanist and healer. His flying intentions and experiments earned him a nickname  ‘the flying monk’.

St. Jacob’s Church in Levoča - Master Pavol’s wooden altar

Dating back to the 14th century, St. Jacob’s Church ranks among the most significant sacral buildings in Slovakia. It houses many impressive medieval sacral monuments such as several original Gothic altars, a Gothic organ, or a Baroque pulpit.
The church’s biggest treasure is the world’s tallest wooden altar. His author, Master Pavol of Levoca, created this 18.6 m (61ft) tall, hand carved linden wood masterpiece in the Late Gothic period.
St. Jacob’s Church is situated at the Master Pavol’s Square in the town centre.

Slovak Bethlehem in Rajecká Lesná

Rajecká Lesná is a village where you can find a 8.5m (27.8ft) long, 2.5m (8.2ft) wide and 3m (9.8ft) tall linden wood Nativity set. It took Master Jozef Pekara 15 long years to carve it. The set consists of about 300 moving wooden figures. Nativity scene with Baby Jesus in the crib forms the centre of the Nativity set surrounded by famous miniature Slovak buildings and mountains. To see this Nativity set is indeed a unique experience. You can find it in the House of God’s Mercy where it is available for daily viewing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m (lunch break 12 a.m. – 1 p.m.).

Wooden Churches

The wooden churches rank among the biggest treasures of the Slovak culture. These sacral monuments contain no nails since they are completely made of wood. Slovakia is very proud of dozens of the wooden churches located mostly in eastern Slovakia. They were built between the 16th -18th century. Some are Roman Catholic or Protestant, but the majority of them are affiliated with the Greek Catholic Church. You can also see wooden churches in the Open Air Museums in Humenné, Spa Bardejov, Svidník and Stará Ľubovňa.

Locations of the Wooden Churches in Slovakia

Svätý kríž, Tvrdošín, Hronsek, Hraničné, Brežany, Hervatov, Dobroslavov, Šemetkovce, Ladomírová, Hunkovce, Korejovce, Krajné Čierne, Bodružala, Príkra, Mirola, Potoky, Lukov, Frička, Krivé, Jedlinka, Kožany, Tročany, Vyšný and Nižný Komárnik, Uličské Krivé, Kalná Roztoka, Ruská Bystrá, Topoľ, Ruský Potok, Inovce, Hrabová Roztoka. 

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