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Spa and Wellness in Slovakia

Spa Bardejov Bardejov Spa

Bardejov Spa

Location: Bardejov, eastern Slovakia
Distance from Košice: 75 km
Distance from Poprad: 103 km

Bardejov Spa is located in the eastern part of Slovakia. It is surrounded by nature and there are 10 mineral springs. Bardejov mineral waters are natural mineralized with healing effects. Each mineral spring is suitable for a particular type of disease. Doctors decide which procedure is suitable for the particular patient.

Health and relaxation

Bardej spa is suitable for both adults and children. You can choose from therapeutic, relaxation, healing, weekend, senior, standard, extra or classic programs according to the requirements. Entrance for massages, saunas, wraps, pool, salt cave and so on are free.

This spa is suitable for patients with cancer diseases, digestive diseases, movement system, circulatory system, metabolism and glands of internal secretion, breathing system except for TB, kidney and urinary tract, diseases caused by profession, women's diseases.

Procedures: massage, hydrotherapy, baths and pool treatments, heat treatment, mineral water drinking, inhalation, electrotherapy, rehabilitation, carbon dioxide therapy, salt cave.

Accommodation: Hotels Ozone, Astória, Helios, Alžbeta, villas, Guest house


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