Facts about Slovakia

Central Europe


Parliamentary republic




49,035 sq km

CET / GMT+1.00


Spa and Wellness in Slovakia

Bojnice Spa

Bojnice is an important Slovak city famous by its spa, a beautiful Bojnice castle and ZOO. Bojnice Castle is considered a Slovak icon. Nearby the Bojnice castle there are a ZOO and the Bojnice Spa. The spa was reconstructed and nowadays it is a popular relax centre offering high quality spa services in Slovakia. Locomotive organs and nervous system diseases as well as postoperative and traumatogenic conditions are treated in Bojnice Spa in Slovakia. The basis of healing treatment procedures is the curative natural water springing from 9 wells. Every curative treatment is arranged by a physician after an initial medical examination. 

Balneotherapy, reflex therapy, physiotherapy, thermotherapy, galvanism and oxygen therapy are available. The accommodation in Bojnice Spa is provided by spa houses: Banik, Slavia, Gabriela, Tribec, etc. Guests can enjoy outdoor all year round swimming pools with thermal water, tennis courts within spa area, Mini Golf, sauna and a salt cave. Not only one or more-week stays but also weekend stays are available in Bojnice Spa in Slovakia.

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