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Skiing in Slovakia - Greater Fatra

Ski Park Ružomberok Ski Park Ružomberok

Ski park Ružomberok

Location Greater Fatra
Ski Resort Parts Hrabovo and Malinô Brdo
Access From Ružomberok town
Distances Martin 40 km, Bratislava 260 km, Košice: 185 km, Poprad: 84 km
Transportation There is a ski bus from Ružomberok town. If you are coming by car, from Martin town, turn right at the Catholic University. If you coming from Liptovsky Mikuláš or Poprad, turn left at the Catholic University
Services Ski service, ski school, ski rental and ski equipment rental, free parking, mountain hotel, mountain rescue, accommodation and catering

Ski park Ružomberok characteristics

Situated at the altitude of 545 up to 1209 meters above sea level, Ski par Ružomberok is a popular and modern ski resort in Slovakia offering high quality services. Ski Park Ružomberok is a popular destination for winter holidays. It is a modern ski resort offering high standard services. The ski slopes in the ski resort are 12 kilometres long. The longest slope is 3,900 m long. In case of bad skiing conditions artificial snow is used on the slopes in the Ski Park Ružomberok. There is a 1770 m long 8-seat cabin lift in the ski resort. In the centre of the Ski Park Ružomberok you will find 4-chair lifts, 2 common ski lifts and 4 ski lifts for beginners and children.

Fast food services are located directly on the slope. Ružomberok ski resort is divided into two parts, Hrabovo and Malinô Brdo which are interconnected. On the northern slope you will find mountain hotel, mountain rescue service, accommodation, catering services, car parks. Ski Park Ružomberok is open from December to April. Please check weather forecast and skiing conditions before your arrival.


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