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Skiing in Slovakia - High Tatras

Park Snow Štrbské Pleso

Location High Tatras
Ski Resort Parts Esíčko, Interski, Solisko
Access From Tatranská Štrba village or from Stary Smokovec, Poprad
Distances From Poprad: 28 km, From Tatranska Štrba: 9 km, from Bratislava: 370 km
Transportation There is an international airport in Poprade and Košice. There are flights from Prague to Poprad operated by Czech Airlines, from London Stansted to Poprad operated by SkyEurope Airlines. The ski resort can be easily reached by train (Považan) directly to Štrba village and from there to Štrbské Pleso. If you are coming by car pass Liptovský Mikuláš town and turn towards Poprad. There are direct long-distance buses from big cities of Slovakia to ski resorts or to Poprad
Services ski schools, cross country skiing, medium and difficult ski trails, ski service, ski rentals, snowboarding, freeriding, jumping, snow tubing,  sled dog, bungee jumping, snow rafting, hiking, ice hiking, snow mobiles, night skiing, snow paragliding, 4-seat chair lift, 3-seat chair lift, ski lifts
Park Snow Štrbské Pleso Park Snow Štrbské Pleso Park Snow Štrbské Pleso

Park Snow Štrbské Pleso characteristics

Štrbské Pleso is a modern tourist resort located in a beautiful part of the High Tatras, with a beautiful large lake and a high ski jump about the lake. To reach Štrbské Pleso lake turn left at the main car park. Going straight along the shops and restaurants will take you directly to the Park Snow Štrbské Pleso ski resort with Interski ski slopes. The main ski slope is at Solisko that can be reached by a ski lift. At Solisko and Esíčko offer medium slopes, Interski offer medium difficult and one easy slope. The slopes are located at the altitude of 1376 to 1800 meters.

Paid car park is situated directly in Štrbské Pleso next to the bus station. The parking ticket is valid for all locations in High Tatras. Once paid, you can visit all ski resorts in High Tatras as they all belong to Vysoké Tatry city. Ski resort map is located at the parking lot. The ski resort offers shops and souvenir shops. Please check the skiing conditions and weather forecast before arrival.

Visitors to the ski resort Park Snow Štrbské Pleso can enjoy a new 6-seater chair lift and a new snow slope. A new snow system works along the entire length of the slopes. Total ski slope length is 7.36 km out of which 6 km is medium difficult slopes and 1.36 km is easy slopes. Total capacity of Park Snow Štrbské Pleso is 5,900 people per hour. Ski resort Štrbské Pleso offers new K2 Snowboard Park. Skipasses can be used in three snow resorts: Park Snow Štrbské Pleso, Park Snow Donovaly and Snowparadise Veľká Rača.

Pricelist of ski tickets in PARK SNOW

Pricelist - Park Snow Štrbské Pleso Main season from 04.01.2010 till 07.03.2010:
Winter 2009/2010 Adults Junior/Senior Children
1 hour 6.50 €/195 Sk 5 €/150 Sk 4.50 €/135 Sk
3 hours 15.50 €/467 Sk 12 €/361 Sk 11 €/331 Sk
4 hours 18 €/542 Sk 14 €/421 Sk 12.50 €/376 Sk
1 day 22 €/662 Sk 17.50 €/527 Sk 15.50 €/467 Sk
2 days 40 €/1205 Sk 31.50 €/949 Sk 28 €/843 Sk
3 days 58.50 €/1762 Sk 46.50 €/1400 Sk 41 €/1235 Sk
4 days 77 €/2319 Sk 61 €/1837 Sk 54 €/1626 Sk
5 days 93.50 €/2816 Sk 74.50 €/2244 Sk 66 €/1988 Sk
6 days 109 €/3283 Sk 86.50 €/2606 Sk 76.50 €/2304 Sk
7 days 123 €/3705 Sk 98 €/2952 Sk 87 €/2621 Sk
Evening 10 €/301 Sk 8 €/241 Sk 7 €/210 Sk
Chairlift 5 €/150 Sk 5 €/150 Sk 5 €/150 Sk
Bobsled 3 €/90 Sk 3 €/90 Sk 2 €/60 Sk
Seasonal 265 €/7983 Sk 212 €/6386 Sk 185 €/5573 Sk
10 days in season
180 €/5422 Sk 180 €/5422 Sk 180 €/5422 Sk

During Christmas and New Years holidays (from 26th December till 04th January) the above rates are slightelly more expensive (except for bobsledge, lift and Skipass prices). Low main season (till 25th December and from 08th March) prices are lower.

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