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Castles of Slovakia

Branch Castle, Slovakia

Branch Castle

Location Podbranc, Podzamok, between Senica and Myjava
Built 13th century
Advantage splendid view
Distance from Bratislava 95 km

Branch castle is ruins of relatively large castle built in 13th century. Branch castle is situated on a stone shaped hill above the village Podzamok, which is a part of the village Podbranc in Senica district, south-west of Slovakia. Village Podzamok is only 15 km from Senice and 11 km from Myjava town. The castle is offer splendid panoramatic view of the Myjava hills and Carpathian Mountains.

Branch castle was one in the frontier castles protecting the roads heading from Moravia to the Carpathian Mountains. The castle is divided into two parts and in the past it had several owners including Aba from Hlohovec, Matthew Csak, John of Luxemburg, Sigmund of Luxemburg or Stibor. Sigmunt of Luxemburg rebuilt Branch castle into a Gothic style. In 1663 the castle was  a refugee for local inhabitants against Turks invasions. The castle was abandoned and in 17th century it was destroyed by fire. Since then it fell into decay. Reconstructions were done in 20th century.

The castle is easily accessible. You can get there by car or by bus from the town of Myjava or Senica towards the village Podzamok. There is a touristic sign at the village cemetery located at end of the village. Go behind the cemetery on the hill and in about 5 minutes you get to the Branch castle ruins. 

Opening Hours
All year (ruins) : In the summer there is an entrance fee. 
Entrance : children € 0.30, adults € 0.80, students € 0.50

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